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3 Reasons It’s Okay to Be Selfish in Your Self-Love

Selfish is the new selfless. That’s my new mantra for this year and one I shared at last night’s Self Soul Sport™: “Self Soul Sport Feels the Self-Love” event. 

Today’s #sundaysoulday post is going to be real short and to the point. After the event, I’d love to share what we uncovered with each lady’s sharing about self-love. 

 Photo taken by Diana  Davis Creative

Photo taken by Diana  Davis Creative

  1. Self-love looks different for every single person. Everybody’s idea of self-love is different. It can look like staying inside and reading a book or it can look like going outside and sweating it out. No matter what our self-love looks like, it is our own and looks different than any others. 
  2. Self-love means saying no at times. At yesterday’s event, saying the word “no” came up many times. In order to love ourselves, sometimes we will need to bow out of our plans and rearrange our calendars. Our self-love can mean that we have to say no to others and it can be labeled “selfish.” But it is actually very important we say no. 
  3. Self-love is necessary so we can give back to others. If we don’t fill our own cups, we cannot fill up others. We cannot pour from an empty cup, and we cannot give what we don’t have. If we want to give to others, we need to be able to engage in our own self-love. Hence, selfish is the new selfless. 

If you’re thinking it’s wrong to engage in self-love or if you’re selfish for doing so, I’d love to encourage you to think of these three reasons why it’s okay. 

It’s okay to not have the same definition of self-love to others or the same self-care practices. It’s okay to say no to others in the interest of loving yourself. Most importantly, we need to give to ourselves in order to give back to others. 

Want more on this? I’m planning a Coffee Chat this Wednesday on Self Soul Sport™ podcast to get really real and touch upon self-love and much more! 

Also, heads up – the website will be under construction this week. There’s some exciting changes going down and the Shanna Tyler site is going to reflect them. Stay tuned ya’ll! 


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