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Which Person Are You: A Dreamer or A Doer?

Dreaming is not doing. I’m learning this in 2018. It’s now February, and I’ve finally started on a few of my dreams, including hosting a podcast and returning to yoga instruction. 

But I still have some dreams that scare the crap out of me and I know some of you can relate. So what did I do? I talked to amazing women in my life, including Leslie McDonald, a Certified Health Coach and amazing friend. 

Leslie recommended I read the book Get Your Shit Together by Sarah Knight and now I have to recommend all of you to read it. It has changed my life, and I’m certain it will change yours.  

Between tackling my dreams and reading books like Get Your Shit Together, I’m thinking a lot about the differences between a dreamer and a doer. In my reflection, this is what I’ve found.

 Photo taken by Diana Davis Creative

Photo taken by Diana Davis Creative

A dreamer has a vision and doesn’t make it happen. Either excuses or emotions will get in the way of a dreamer. A dreamer will keep their vision in the mental and not manifest in the physical. 

I remember when I had the idea to start my own podcast. It was around January 2017. I envisioned a platform where women shared their real stories and spoke on topics that we needed to be authentic about. I also dreamed of another medium along with my blog to share my intimate stories. 

This dream lasted for months until I finally created it in December 2017. Before then, I came up with every excuse in the book. I told myself I didn’t have enough Instagram followers, podcast topics, and interview leads. My excuses kept me from creating the podcast.

Excuses paired with emotions are kyroptines for a dreamer, but not for a doer. 

A doer pairs action with vision and makes it happen regardless. Excuses or emotions don’t get in the way of a doer. A doer will manifest their vision into the physical with actions. 

Publishing the podcast took pushing past the excuses. At the end of 2017, I was faced with two choices: bring that dream into 2018 or manifest it at the end of 2017.

I became a doer the moment I published The Self Soul Sport™ Podcast in December 2017. My very first solo episode “Coffee Chat: Who is Shanna?” has now ramped up over 110 listens. I’ve gotten messages from family members, close friends, and Instagram ladies, who all resonated with my intimate story. I’ve also already interviewed three amazing ladies and there’s more to come.

What makes someone a doer is that they continue despite the sneaky emotions and excuses that try to arise. 

A dreamer runs away when the vision gets tough and doesn’t go as expected. A dreamer is not steadfast when the going gets tough. When the road is not exactly as imagined, a dreamer will cower. 

I received my yoga teaching certification on December 2016. I quit yoga teaching in July 2017. Why? Being a yoga teacher wasn’t what I expected.

My attendance in classes fluctuated. I taught in many different studios. I had to be flexible with time slots. My classes ranged from Brooklyn to New York. I usually had to make changes to planned sequences for customization to my student attendance.

Being a yoga teacher wasn’t the cake walk I thought it would be, so I quit. I was a dreamer then, and dreamers run away when the vision doesn’t go as expected. 

A doer embraces when the vision gets tough and makes it work when it doesn’t go as planned. A doer makes it happen despite the challenges that come up. When the road is not easy, a doer will continue forward. 

After quitting yoga instruction in July 2017 and no longer teaching my passion, I became insecure. I developed a serious fear of getting back into teaching because it just didn’t go as expected. I auditioned for gigs and talked myself out of them. 

It’s now February 2018, and I’ve begun actively searching for a space and committing to getting myself back on a weekly teaching schedule. 

I am a doer now, and doers keep going even when it’s not all perfect. The vision I have for my eventual yoga teaching career is worth it. 

Are you a dreamer or a doer? I’ve been asking myself this question, and I’m posing it to you. It’s one thing to have a vision, and a whole other thing to pair it with action. 

A dreamer has a wonderful vision, can talk about it, and can dream about it all day long. They’ll even try it out for a little and when the going gets tough, they’ll quit. 

A doer has a wonderful vision, can talk about, and be about it all day long. They’ll try it, run with it, and stick with it when the going gets tough. 

I’ve shared my stories with yoga instruction and hosting a podcast to share that I am learning how to be a doer. I am learning how to make my dreams happen. I haven’t tackled them all nor am I telling you to. 

What I am encouraging you to do this week is look at the dreams in your life and the person you are. Which person are you?  


P.S. If you need a little extra push. Again, this is an awesome book!! 

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