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How I Made Fitness Fit into My Life and You Can Too

It’s winter. It’s frigid, windy, and straight up disrespectful outside. The most common activities in this season are naps and cuddles. This is also the time being motivated to go the workout classes, hit those dumbbells, or even do an at-home workout can be really tough.  

I know this all too well. I started my fitness journey during a very cold winter. It was January 2015 when I decided that I needed a change. I was at the weakest, unhappiest, and heaviest version of myself. That’s when I knew it was time to commit to a fitness routine. 

Today, in 2018, I still stick to staying fit. How did I do it? I made fitness fit into my life, and you can too! 

 Photo taken by Diana Davis Creative

Photo taken by Diana Davis Creative

I stopped making excuses on why not to start to my fitness journey. Excuses are enemies to any sort of behavior change. They appear right when you are making a decision to join a gym. They surface the moment when you choose to buy that class package. It’s up to you to push past the noise. 

In 2015, I resisted the excuses when it came to purchasing a membership to my local CKO kicking gym.. Many thoughts creeped into my mind about how much it cost, how I would fit it into my schedule, the list goes on. But I decided to stop making the excuses and just doing it. 

The first day I walked into that gym, my life changed. I began to fall in love with fitness, not just for the physical but for the emotional and mental benefits. Each burpee was a challenge, and each punch was a relief. That first step of pushing past any excuses began my fitness journey. 

I started planning fitness into my daily routine like an appointment. Once fighting any excuse and making a commitment, you need a plan. A plan means no procrastination, which is definitely one of the hardest parts of sticking to fitness.  There’s always tomorrow, and the next day, and the next. 

I’ve stayed on my fitness journey this long all because I started scheduling fitness into my life. Whether it is squeezing in a morning workout when I had evening plans or waking up early on a Sunday morning for a SoulCycle class, I planned to make it happen. My goal was 5x a week so I wrote it into my planner and added it into my iPhone calendar, just like I would a doctor’s appointment.  

Once I planned ahead of time, there was no excuse. Once I paid ahead of time, there was absolutely no excuse. I began scheduling time with family and friends around my fitness routine, which was hard but necessary. 

I reached out to people who were just as committed to fitness than me. Whenever it starts getting difficult to stay on track by yourself, you can remember that you aren’t alone. The beautiful part about fitness is the community it brings. There are many other people striving, just like you, and why not reach out to them?

In my fitness journey, I started to feel alone. I started to dread cancelling time with the people I enjoy spending time with. That’s when I realized I could actually make time for both! I used to see people going to the gym together and scheduling working out like a date. I decided to do that myself. I messaged fitness accounts on Instagram to see if they wanted to take a class with me and walked up to people who I thought would be great workout partners in the gym. 

Now, to this day, I rely on people I’ve met at my gym, in SoulCycle, and through Instagram to encourage me, inspire me, and challenge me. I’ve always preferred someone who was more committed than me because they always can teach me something. 

I committed to an account where I practice what I preach. At the end of the day, it’s all up to you and your commitment. Whatever motivates you to stay on track will work. You know yourself best. What will get you there? 

For me, it was creating a fitness Instagram account. I loved seeing what other women were doing with their accounts, whether it is posting how they felt about a class or motivating others to get moving too. That’s how @shannatyler_ was born. I literally decided to put all of my journeys out there. 

Almost two years later, I’m a registered 200hr yoga teacher, an endorphin-filled SoulCycle addict, and a self-proclaimed BBG girl. And I truly believe it’s because of my dedication to my Instagram account. I noticed what I loved, proclaimed it online, and committed to it in real life. Another big part of it was that I always had and still have a community that keeps me strong. 

I started believing if I can do it, well, you can too. You can do this. You can take the plunge into starting your fitness journey or recommitting to your fitness routine. You can add new workout classes if you feel stagnant, or you can make new workout friends if you feel lonely. 

Despite every single step here, I couldn’t have done it without believing I could. I visualized I could get to the level that I wanted to reach. I manifested my relationships I have today in the fitness world. I planned my way into dedicating myself to fitness, and I committed to an account that I love to inspire others on! 

I believe the same for you. Whatever you want to do, you can do it. If you need encouragement, this is for you! Has anything been holding you back? Has anything been resonating with you throughout today’s blog? Comment below and let’s talk about it. I’m here and we’re all here for each other! 


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