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26 Things I Want to Do at 26

 Photo taken by  Diana Davis Creative

Photo taken by Diana Davis Creative

This past Thursday, June 1st was amazing. I celebrated the end of my 25th year of life and welcomed the start of my 26th.

What an amazing past few days it has been! My family, friends, coworkers, and Instafriends, all wished me the best, shared wonderful words, and supported me in my born day. I even went to Six Flags on Friday with my close friend and some family members! 

As I am looking at a new year of life, I am looking at new goals and to-do lists to accomplish. 25 was an incredible year where I conquered so much and did more than I could ever imagine.

I started this website. I graduated from my 200hr yoga teaching certification. I continued on my road to being a social agent in my masters degree program. I also have made so many professional accomplishments! 

There is so much more I want to do now at 26. So I decided this week will be a post on my goals. From the blog to finances. let’s go through what I want to do! 


1. Make visual and structural changes to shannatyler.com. One of my top goals for the website is a facelift. The 1 year anniversary for the website is Monday June 12th. With that, I have been wanting a complete change of design. I am now realizing I am more of a yoga teacher who is a blogger than a blogger who is a yoga teacher. 

2. Highlight my yoga classes and offerings. A major change in my new website design will be sharing my yoga offerings. In receiving my certification in December 2016 and teaching in so many different places, I now am going to dedicate a good portion of the website to that. Stay tuned! 

3. Mix in yoga with Sunday lifestyle posts. My Sunday lifestyle posts are huge for me and I find is such a great way to connect with you all! Those will still be the same, however I find a lot of the conclusions I come to for the week are guided by yoga. I will be adding in that as well. 

4. Collaborate with more bloggers. I am in love with connecting with other bloggers. Melanie, aka Headstands & Heels, recently featured me in her Girlboss Squad series. The blog post is here. After that lovely experience, my goal is to collaborate with more awesome girl bosses. 


5. Become more confident as a teacher. This is a loaded one!! I am so new at teaching and it can bring up so many emotions. I worry about if I am satisfying everyone but I am realizing I love what I do and my style of teaching is enough! 

6. Create yoga videos on YouTube. Venturing into video has scared me for many reasons. It is a permanent and lasting representation of me as a yoga teacher that will evolve over time. It also is subject to more criticism than, say, an image of me in crow pose. But I am finally getting over it. Videos will becoming very soon in collaboration with a videographer I have met from Instagram. 

7. Work with a private clientele for yoga. I love yoga guys. I love it so much I want to come into people’s homes and teach them one-on-one. In flirting with the idea of this, I have come to the conclusion that I really want to open up my mind to this and I am now offering time in my schedule to be a private yoga instructor! Let me know if you or anyone you know is interested πŸ™‚ 


8. Have a fun time being an Athleta ambassador. This whole fit world is full of unexpected surprises! Never imagined Athleta would reach out for me to be an ambassador. But here I am, now a part of this amazing brand that has been nothing but instrumental in this space and reaching out to real women in the fitness realm. I just want to have fun and go along with the ride! 

9. Start another fitness routine that sticks. BBG by Kayla Itsines was a fitness routine that stuck with me in 25. I am not sure I am so convinced about it now. My schedule and lifestyle has changed so much that I am looking for something that sticks more. I am thinking about more weightlifting. 

10. Try out different fitness classes. I have been wanting to try rowing classes, trampoline jumping, and other cycling studios other than SoulCycle (I’m a traitor, I know!!). But in all honesty, I want to have more fun and diversify my fitness classes! 


 Photo Taken by  Diana Davis Creative

Photo Taken by Diana Davis Creative

11. Travel more in the U.S. I am not much of a traveller in my own state. I have not seen many of the attractions that I would like. I really want to go to more states and venture outside of the Tristate area. New York and New Jersey are the only states I go to, and I live here! 

12. Make it to London. If I do anything on this list, this is the biggest dream. I have no idea why I have been wanting to go to London for so long, but I have. In 26, I am making this dream a reality. 

13. Go on a yoga retreat. Yoga and retreat both sound like amazing things. When you put them together, it sounds like my idea of yogi heaven. Definitely will be going on one this year! Let me know if you know any or want to join! 


14. Move out of my parents house. Lol, guys. Let me tell you. I love my parents dearly, but this has just got to happen. I need to finally be a big girl and make this leap to moving. I can do it, both financially and physically. But… mentally, it has been a challenge, and it’s shown in the next section. 

15. Live in the one and only Brooklyn. Brooklyn is my favorite borough. I want to move there, I want to live there, I want to eat there, I want to breathe there. If I could do anything, it would be to have a nice studio/loft in BK. 

16. Adopt a pet; become a cat lady. Cat ladies are my heroes. I want to join the cat lady gang in this year of life. I absolutely love cats; their independence and their personalities just appeal to me!! So, yup, certainly happening. 


17. Become financially independent. Mommy and Daddy cannot be my bank accounts anymore. Not that they ever were, but relying on them to pay bills (rent, utilities, etc.) is not enforcing this dream of independence I have. To be fully independent, I must venture out from under their financial wings. 

18. Invest in the stock market. Learning more about the stock market has always been an interest of mine. I am not usually a risk-taker, but I am usually an informed decision maker. In finding out more about the stock market, I can assess the best investments to make. 

19. Stick to a budget. Numbers are not my thing. I would rather walk on hot coals than open up an Excel spreadsheet and outline expenses. But you know, it has to be done πŸ˜€ 


20. Achieve all As. My current GPA in my Masters of Social Work is 3.9. I have all As and one B+ (grrrrrrrr!!!). I am intent on getting all As this year and will do it!! 

21.. Begin my Leadership and Macro Practice track. In my program, I was tasked with choosing a track for my studies. It was between Clinical, Research, and Macro Practice. I decided Macro Practice, and I cannot be happier to say I will be focusing my studies on how to organize, build, and empower communities, especially those who are oppressed. 

22. Invest time in study abroad. A study abroad program has always drawn my eye since high school. I will make it a point to do this in my 26th birthday for Summer 2018! 

23. Approach a professor as a mentor. I have my eye on a certain professor to become my mentor. Mentors are wonderful to have and can be so empowering, especially in a field such as social work. I am going to be establishing a mentorship relationship this year. 


24. Prioritize time with family and friends. Doing this was a huge failure at 25 haha!! I realize I was investing so much time on the blog, on networking, on yoga teaching, and on so much more that I sort of forgot about how important my family is. 

25. Show love with action. I am a wonderful person at saying how I feel, but I can get better at showing it through gestures, especially to my family. I will make it a thing to cook for them, shop for them, and show kind gestures. 

26. Remember where I came from. My parents mean the world to me. Like literally, if I could give them this world, I would. I will make it a point in my venturing toward independence to not forget where I came from. A loving household in Jersey City with parents who put up with me year after year πŸ˜€

Funny enough, there are so many other goals I have for this year of my life, but these are on my top. 

I cannot wait to grow the website and grow along with you all. I look forward to this new journey on shannatyler.com and taking you along with me! 

Don’t forget to subscribe to the site to get Monday posts on how you can flow with me, as well as intention building for the week. Some new stuff is being planned too πŸ˜‰ And thank you to all the lovely subscribers now!! You guys are the MVPs <3 Have an awesome Sunday! 


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  1. Bernadette says:

    I love this and support you! Yes, I want to travel more within the US too!

  2. Sheela Pai says:

    Loving all these goals and looking forward to the youtube videos! Always looking for a good at-home practice option!

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