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How to Get Over a Crappy, Funky Attitude

Ever have a crappy, funky attitude and not sure why? Ever want to get over it? 

I had one of those weeks where it felt like a cloud was over me, following me wherever I went. It was so strange because I was riding on such a high from my birthday last week. 

 Photo taken by  Alexis Damen

Photo taken by Alexis Damen

Sometimes our attitudes just shift and it’s time for a tuneup. Logically, I was okay last week. I had a wonderful week prior and this week just seemed to turn into a pile of crap. But that’s because I  was focusing on all the wrong things. 

My attitude shifted after my birthday. I felt the pressure of turning a new age and looking to new goals. I felt like I needed to get started on all my goals at the same time and put all my plans in action. That certainly made me funky because change takes time! 

This week I had two main choices: either stay in my “woe is me” attitude or do something to to get over it. I chose to get over it with a few of my favorite routines. 

To get over a funky attitude, be grateful for what is going right. An attitude of gratitude helps us come a long way. It allows us to focus on all of the positives instead of the negatives. When we do that, it’s hard to keep up negativity. 

I chose to do that in the beginning of this week. I have a journal where I write in, especially in hard times. In the morning, I have gratitude beads with around 10 baubles that I say what I am grateful for. At night, I also have a gratitude journal I write down at night. 

Making ourselves see all the awesome things that are going on can bring sunshine into the cloud that follows our attitude. I highly recommend doing some kind of gratitude activity, at least, once a day. 

Speaking positive statements about ourselves take us a long way. I am strong. I am beautiful. I am worthy of love. I am important. These are examples of affirmations we can say to ourselves throughout the day. 

I began to say good things to myself. This week, I began to say I am so fortunate to have a family who spent time with me for my birthday. I also said I am looking forward to what is in store this year of life. I also began to focus on my strengths instead of my weaknesses. 

How about you? What do you say to yourself? If you were to examine all the things you say, would it be positive or negative? One of the ways to get over a funk is to be positive and to focus on our strengths. So what’s yours? 

 Photo taken by  Alexis Damen

Photo taken by Alexis Damen

Begin the day with an intention of what you will accomplish. Mornings are so important in our lives. How we rise is how we fall. When we rise with a funky attitude, believe me, we will end the day with one. 

This week, I turned around my attitude with getting really clear on what I will do for the day. I made concrete plans and decisions to go to the gym, to get on my mat, to speak to a friend, and to budget my finances. Having clearly defined goals for the day allowed me to really get over my crap. 

One of the most important times in our day is the morning. Setting a tone for the day is a strength that we need in order to set the attitude for the day. Getting over a doomsday attitude can be done with setting goals and accomplishing them! 

Download a FREE Daily Morning Worksheet and subscribe to the site for encouragement. A morning activity is a wonderful addition to kickstart the day right. I hand created this worksheet with all the tips above and tailored them just for us to get over the blues. 

All of my current subscribers are getting this worksheet and I want you to, too! You can subscribe and download for the PDF worksheet here along with weekly intentions sent from me on Mondays. 

Together, we can create a more positive attitude in our lives. Happy Sunday and enjoy the rest of the week ahead. 


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