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The Top Five Reasons to Start Your Own Instagram Community if You Have Been Wanting To

Call me bias, but the Instagram experience is amazing! I have reached the year anniversary of my Instagram journey and building of #selfsoulsport, as well as have met amazing people along the way. 

I remember when I first started @shannatyler_. It was a scary choice to integrate all of what I believed to be important keys to a healthier and happier lifestyle in one Instagram account. It meant sharing parts of myself and being my most authentic self. 

 Photo taken by  Diana Davis  

Photo taken by Diana Davis  

On June 12th, I made the decision to create the hashtag above and dedicate each post to this idea of loving ourselves, nurturing our souls, and engaging in sport. 

Today, I hosted a brunch event that allowed that come to life. It was hosted at Athleta Flatiron (126 5th avenue), where I am also a brand ambassador. Each woman shared their self-care practices, how they nurture their souls, and their favorite workouts. 

What astounded so many in the event, including myself, was how strong Instagram is and how it can be used to establish meaningful relationships. Each and every woman I met I have connected with or kept in contact with through Instagram. 

That being said, I would love to tell you the top five reasons you should build your own Instagram (IG) community if you have been thinking about it! 

Your unique voice adds something to the Instagram universe. First and foremost, you have something to add. What message you have to spread is your own. No one else can replicate it and no one else can duplicate it. 

According to Business Insider, Instagram had about 700 million users as of April 2017. With those numbers, imagine how many people we can connect to. When we contribute our voice to such a huge social media outlet, it is bound to resonate with others in the huge Instagram universe. 

You will meet incredible people in that universe who get you. Birds of a feather flock together; Instagram is the perfect place to align yourself with people who get your message. 

Whether it’s health, wellness, fitness, finance, or photography, your account is bound to attract the same people to you. Then it is in your hands to follow through! You can meet them in-person, and if you guys are too far from one another, you can schedule a Skype, FaceTime, or Google Hangout. You never know the amazing relationships that can happen! 

Your Instagram will become a way to tell your life story, and you will bring others with you. Telling a story is a great way to get stuff off of our chests. When we share on Instagram, it instantly becomes an online journal. 

The reason why telling our stories is so wonderful is because people will take that journey with you. There will be people who are going through similar events and circumstances who will be touched by what you are sharing. It also will help you to find those people to meet up with! 

You will be supported and uplifted by your community when you need it. Ya’ll, Instagram is a beautiful space. When you build a community on Instagram, those people are connected to you and your shared journey. 

When you share your voice and your journey, people connect with you and you will connect with them. Your Instagram community will start to root for you, cry with you, and laugh with you. You will share your ups and downs, then something amazing will happen.

Soon, you will have comments and DMs from people who care about you. They will check up on you if you haven’t posted in a while. They will ask what’s wrong when things seem out of whack. They will also laugh at your corny jokes! I personally love Instagram for that, haha! 

You have a chance to give back to others and share what you go through. Last but not least, you never realize how much you can impact others. Your Instagram can be used for such good. 

Each post or story can impact another’s life, whether we know it or not. It can be exactly what someone needs to hear at the moment. It can be exactly where someone else is in their life. It can  be exactly the laugh that someone needed from your silly face filter. 

Your Instagram will have a chance to give back to someone exactly what someone else’s gives to you. If that isn’t a good enough reason to start one, I don’t know what else is! 

If you want to create an Instagram account with a community, do it. Start it today. Create that name, invite your friends, make your first post, and go along for the ride. The journey is well worth it! 

If you already have an Instagram community, be encouraged. Keep on going. It will continue to be rewarding. It will continue to be an amazing experience. Your voice is what is needed on this huge Instagram platform. 

I have realized that my own Instagram has built a strong community, without even knowing it. I was able to invite women to this event this morning right from my Instagram app. I was able to connect with each of them through it and stay in touch with them on it. 

What I hoped for came true: to spread love and kindness to others in a social media platform that is so huge and is so saturated. I wanted to create a space where women felt safe to like a picture, read a caption, and allow themselves to integrate their own #selfsoulsport into their lives. 

And wow, it has happened. Thank you to each and every one of you!! 


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