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I Spent 25 Years Of My Life Thinking Money Makes Us Happy, I Just Realized it Doesn’t

I remember the first time I decided to start using my first credit card. I was in high school and continually swiped that Visa without knowing where the money came from. 

I thought money just appeared in it. Oh how little did I know that my parents were the funds behind all the swiping. I was in for a rude awakening once I hit college and the family funds no longer went into my credit card payments. 

In my college years and early 20s, I thought money would make me happy. I searched for my happiness in the swipe of a card. I looked for happiness in a new article of clothing, footwear, and electronic. I would be happy for a moment, and then I would make another purchase to find some other short-lived happiness. 

At the age of 25, it started to hit me. My credit card payments built up and my back account was in the negative. All of those impulse purchases caught up with me, and I had no way to pay them off. 

I became embarrassed when I had to step in the bank and give them my paycheck. I watched each hundred get eaten away by missed payments and outstanding balances. I also gotten to know each of the bank tellers’ names and numbers. That’s when I knew I had a problem. 

My main problem was thinking that money, itself, would make me happy. I used money for the days that I was upset. I relied on it to put on a smile back on my face whenever I had a tough day. 

Back when I had tough jobs that did not serve me, I would run to the mall and buy everything, from lingerie to perfume to sportswear. I would empty out my debit cards and open up credit cards with my favorite spots. I still wasn’t happy. 

Money did not make me happy and I realized it when I was hit with those payments and when I was hit with my own deeper issues. 

I am realizing we make ourselves happy, and money can support us in our happiness. I am the happiest I have ever been in my life, even though I make and spend less money. 

In this year, I have decided to become a yoga teacher, a blogger, a do-gooder, and an ambassador. I have decided to dedicate my life to helping others on their life journeys, along with navigating my own. These are all my passions and have allowed me to be so much happier. 

As I have reached my happiness, I am now using money to support it. I no longer crave impulse purchases, but I am now looking at smart investments and monetary triumphs. 

This is just the beginning of my new mindset with money. I am now committed to becoming better with money as much as I have become my happiest self.

It took me 25 years to realize that money does not equal happiness, but I am happy to say it has not taken my whole life. I have only scratched the surface of my career, and I have only scratched the surface of my finances. 

The way I am learning how to use money to support me in my life is by listening to informative podcasts and reading inspirational books. 

I highly recommend You Are A Badass at Making Money: Master the Mindset of Wealth by Jen Sincero. This book has been helping me tremendously on working through exercises to better help my money mindset. I recommend this to anyone and everyone working on their cash flow! 

I also highly recommend the Prosper + Profit Podcast by Clarissa Wilson. I have been listening to it on my commutes and it helping me build what Clarissa calls a money relationship

Thank you so much for reading and for being a part of this blog. This Thursday, June 1st, I will be 26 and I wanted to share this intimate part of my journey with you. Money is not an easy topic, and I am hopeful this helps and touches at least one of you guys! 

I must also officially announce that the blog turns one year old on Monday, June 12th!! I cannot wait to share with you guys what I have in store for this new year of life and this new year in the blog 🙂 

In the meantime, thank you again for reading today’s blog! Let me know any thoughts in the comments, I love to hear from you! 


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