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I Don’t Regret Quitting My Full-Time Job, But Here’s What I’d Do Differently

My 26th birthday is approaching on June 1st, and it is making me reflective on my journey. Almost a year ago, I officially made the decision to quit my full-time job. From this post in August to today’s post, so much has happened in between. 

I am still pursuing my Master of Social Work with a graduation date set for August 2019. I have become a 200hr certified Yoga Teacher through the Yoga Alliance. I recently accepted an offer to be an Athleta Ambassador, as well as a job as a Crunch Group Fitness Instructor for Yoga. 

There have been so many amazing opportunities coming my way, and I cannot even foresee the future. But looking back, I realized I could have made much better decisions leading up to my decision. 

 Photo taken by  Alexis M Damen  

Photo taken by Alexis M Damen  

I would have come up with a detailed plan of what I would do. Planning is the key to success. When we plan ahead of time, we allow ourselves to prepare for what’s to come. 

I did not plan when I decided to quit my full-time job; I had actually no idea what the plan was. I knew I wanted to work part-time in a mental health clinic, but did not know which one. I was still searching by my last day and got one within a few days (thank goodness!). 

What I would’ve done differently was have a job lined up and had given myself a two week break to really reflect on my move. I would’ve given myself a chance to really let it sink in that I was leaving, as well as to give myself a break from the craziness of working full-time and going to school part-time. 

I would have saved up more funds and allowed myself more time to budget. Saving and budgeting are must-haves for any financial decision, and quitting a full-time job is definitely included. 

Guys, I did a horrible job at this. I had barely any savings and went a few weeks without having any income. I had to rely on my family, which I felt terrible for since they did not make that decision for me. I quit my job thinking that a few hundred would get me by, without accounting for my bills. 

What I would’ve done differently was create a budget and timeline of when I was leaving, along with saving up enough for at least three months. This would’ve allowed me not to feel panicked in finding another job, in making the next move, and in surviving without a full-time income. 

I would have reached out to more people and see what works/doesn’t work for them. Learning from others is such a great tool. Whether it is someone in a similar track as you or someone who has done it all before, they can lend such valuable advice. 

If I did my journey all over again, I would’ve asked the people I know who are entrepreneurs and girl bosses what they did. In August, I kept my decision all to myself and that was not the best move. I really needed the advice of people that did it too. 

What I would’ve done differently was tap into my network. I would’ve asked all the ladies I know who have their own businesses how they quit their full-time job and transitioned. I would’ve asked all the professionals I know how they got through their master’s program. I also definitely would’ve asked the women I look up to, my mentors, about what they suggest in my journey. 

I would have done it all again. Even though there are things I would’ve done differently, I would totally do it again. My decision of quitting my full-time job and getting a part-time job, while going to school, being a yoga teacher, and keeping up with the blog, was the smartest choice I made. 

This time last year, I was stressed. I was juggling too much at once. Not that I do not juggle a lot now, but the strict 9 to 5 rules were not going to work with all I had in mind. Although, I would certainly do all the above differently. 

I would like to note that I have my parents as a great resource in quitting my full-time job. I wouldn’t have done it without them. For some, this would not have even been possible. I am grateful for them, however I would’ve also not been so reliable on them if I had done the above steps. 

In reflecting on my step, it was risky. I had no idea I would have the opportunities I have now. But it takes a step toward the right direction to help us find ourselves. That being said, I have definitely no idea what is in store. However, I am excited in not knowing. 

For anyone who wants to pursue their dreams, I recommend the above steps. I recommend really gathering information before doing it. I also recommend believing in yourself. After I quit my full-time job, I let the doubts melt away and committed to each step. 

Last not but not least, I recommend being open to looking back and saying “here’s what I’d do differently” for those who might look to you for some answers. 

Have a great week all! Let’s take this week to reflect on all that has gone right and all that we have accomplished.  


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  1. Sheela says:

    As someone who is going through a transition myself, this was incredibly helpful. A must read for anyone considering pursuing a new career path.

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