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The Lessons I Have Learned from My Mom’s Smile

My smile has not always existed; I literally got it from my mama. Her smile is known by everyone who comes in contact with her. 

Within time, it became mine too. How did I get my mother’s smile? The amazing life lessons I have learned from her have turned me into the smiler that I am today. 

 Photo taken by  Alexis M Damen

Photo taken by Alexis M Damen

There is nothing wrong with sharing a gift. When I was younger, I used to hear from everyone how pretty my mom’s smile was. I hated it so much that I used to be embarrassed by her smile. 

It took me until I was around eighteen to appreciate my mother’s smile. After I started appreciating it, I noticed I began smiling the same exact way. I also noticed that I loved smiling   I have the same exact smile. I find myself smiling at everyone, from friends, family, to strangers.

When you share a gift, it can benefit you as well. I remember the first time I saw my mom cry. As soon as we got in the car, she burst into tears. My heart ached and my eyes teared. 

At that moment, I did not know what to do. I never saw my mom cry, but then she did something unheard of through her tears. She smiled at me. I was dumbfounded. Until I realized why she smiled. 

She smiled because she needed to be strong and needed me to be strong. She smiled as a gift to me to tell me she was okay, and she smiled as a gift to herself to keep on moving. After she cried, she got out the car and resumed what we were doing. Strength is what I remember from that story, too. 

Life is tough, but we are tougher. My mom can smile her behind off, and she can smile when things are hard. I am learning to do the same. 

One of the many great things about my mother is she has this way of getting through such tough crap and still being able to smile despite it all. I have been with her through so many moments and times when she was dealing with something difficult, but she never faltered. 

In the end, she always finds a solution. In the end, she always makes it through. In the end, she has always kept the smile on her face.   

Do not mistake a hard day with a bad life. The smile I have inherited is one I can find every day, because of this lesson. This might be one of the most important ones I have learned from my mother. 

When I am having a tough day, I call her first. I talk to her and complain about the day. Somehow, it turns into a smile. How does it happen? It’s because of her outlook on life. 

My mom’s smile tells me that there can be hard times throughout a day, but it is not a hard life. There can be a past filled with hard stories, but it does not make a bad life story. Her smile tells me that even what it is down can be lifted up, just like the corners of a mouth. 

We all can learn from the maternal figures in our lives that pass down something with us. It can be a piece of jewelry, a book, a house, or a skill. Whatever it is, along with it comes the same traits and the same characteristics. 

For me, it happens to be my mom’s smile. One that has taught me many lessons and has shined a light when I thought it was dark. Her smile has taught me how to smile and how to appreciate each day I can. 

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers and those who have taken on that role. I also know my mom, who is the first person to have read this blog, is reading. I want to tell you… 

 My momma <3

My momma <3

Happy Mother’s Day


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