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See Why We Have to Fail to Succeed

We work so hard to succeed in our lives. We stay late at our jobs. We grind in our workouts.  We make time for our partners. We fully commit to our passions. We are bound to eventually fail. 

Failure is defined as a “lack of success in doing something.” This definition of failure makes it difficult for us to believe that failure can actually be a good thing. 

No matter what our goals are, failure will happen. Our careers are popular places we experience failure in. 

We can fail at receiving a promotion, securing a client, or closing a sale. It happens. We are, by no means, going to breeze through our goals. There will be adversity. The way we look at it is important.  

It is up to us to remember that failure is an outcome, but not the end. Failing at something is just an end result, but not the end of what we are working toward.

In our minds, we can choose if we make the failure the end of our journeys or a small bump in the road. The end of a journey only happens when we decide it is done, not when we fail. 

There will be failure in my yoga teacher journey. In the future, I want to be a full-time yoga teacher. That will involve a lot of failure. My goal would include going on auditions, networking with studios, booking private clients, and much more.

This means I will be at the dispense of others and their own opinions, which will lead to a lot of perceived failures. I may not succeed in nailing my auditions. I may not succeed at being a good fit for a studio. I may not be succeed as the right match for a private client. But that will certainly not make it the end of my career as a yoga teacher!

When failure is the outcome, it is an invitation to try harder or go a different direction. Failing means we keep trying. It means we keep pushing forward in the direction we want to go, or maybe we don’t. 

There is something very wonderful about failing. It allows us to draw our attention inward and reflect.

We tend to be angry, embarrassed, disappointed and/or sad after a failure. Once those emotions pass, we can observe what went right or wrong. Maybe we failed because we were not prepared enough, or maybe we failed because there is something better in store.

My yoga teacher journey started with failure. I remember auditioning for Soul Cycle last year. I was so upset I did not get in and so disappointed in myself. I worked hard at my music, at my fitness, at my dedication, and I did not even get through the first audition. 

That’s when I began to self reflect. What I realized is that I failed because I had a bigger love in my life: yoga. I practiced yoga for about 8 years at that time and did not even realize I could do something with it and be a teacher. The rest is history! 

Success happens when we do not allow failure to be the end. Looking at the people we consider successful, they all have stories. They all have times they wanted to quit. They all have moments they wanted to stop. But they didn’t. That’s why they succeed. 

Let’s not forget that failure is not the end. We have to fail in order to succeed. Without failure, we wouldn’t be able to celebrate success! 

Anyone else find their success in their failure or failures? It’s so freeing to look at failure as only an invitation to tune in with ourselves, evaluate the reasons, and get back on our journeys! It’s won’t be easy, but it will be worth it. 


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