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Three Reliable Ways to Finally Nail Crow Pose

Crow pose, Bakasana, is all over Instagram. I remember the first time I saw it on my feed and knew I absolutely had to nail it. 

Easier said than done. It took me about five to six months to finally reach a point in crow pose where I could properly and safely hold the pose, especially to be able to pose for a picture. So how did I get there?

Let’s talk about the three ways how I worked myself to it and find the most reliable to getting into this posture! 

1. Building arm strength. Crow pose is all about the arms, it is essentially an arm-balancing pose. Strengthening the arms is key in order to be able to nail crow pose. 

My upper body is not my strong suit, especially working my arms and core. My first step was strengthening these areas. Body weight exercises that really helped me develop strength and confidence for crow pose. 

Planks, push-ups, tricep dips, and burpees all helped in making my arms become more used to my body weight. But building arm strength is only a small part of nailing crow pose, we all have that pesky fear of falling to conquer! 

2. Adding a safety-net. The scariest part about this pose is falling straight on our face. It can be so scary to rely only our own strength to not fall. That’s why it’s awesome to have a safety net. 

Blankets, blocks, and pillows are perfect options to have underneath us when working on crow pose. Most of what holds us back in crow pose is that there is not anything safe to land on, so these are wonderful options to keep us out of our own heads. 

In my practice toward crow, I would practice with two blocks, then one, then no block. Each time I removed a block, then eventually had no blocks, I had more confidence in not falling!

3. Cultivating patience. It can take many months and hard-work to nail crow pose. But what makes crow pose so beautiful is when we finally nail it. The feeling is like none other. 

Patience is hard, and crow pose requires a lot of it. We are not guaranteed a “perfect” crow pose every time we crouch down into a deep squat, plant our hands forward, and prepare for flight. 

But that’s the beauty of it. Crow pose allows us as yogis and as people to cultivate a patience that we can take off the mat with us. In crow pose, we can use the patience we cultivate into other poses, workouts, relationships, occupations, and more!  

Arm strength, safety-net, and patience, is what you need for crow. Your strength will build more confidence. The safety-net will provide more comfort, at least until you feel ready to give it a go without it! And patience will help when it just seems like it’s impossible. Crow pose is definitely worth the work! 

It is possible to get to crow and nail it to add to practice. What I learned from crow is it is beautiful in Instagram but even more beautiful on the mat. It allows us to explore our bodies, trust ourselves, and build ourselves. 

For detailed instructions on how to get into Crow Pose, check out this post from YogaOutlet. It’s one of my favorite destinations to review yoga poses!

Do you have crow pose down? If so, what was your journey like?! 


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