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3 Reasons Continuing Your Education Will Improve Your Life

Guys, I used to hate school. I hated it with every fiber of my being. 

I remember thinking why the heck did I have to go to high school and college to learn about chemicals, statistics, and other things I was not going to use. My mom will confirm that I used to say I would never go back to school after getting my Bachelor of Arts. 

Now, I trained for my 200hr yoga teacher certification, enrolled in a masters degree of social work, contemplating the pursuit of a doctorate in psychology, and wanting another 300 hours for yoga teacher training.

So… how did I get to this point? How did I go from hating school to thinking about obtaining a PhD and training for another certification in yoga? 

 As a master of social work student, I am all about advocating and making a statement. Click  this link  if you want to fill in your own word! The creator is a fellow social worker and so wonderful to contact via Etsy :) 

As a master of social work student, I am all about advocating and making a statement. Click this link  if you want to fill in your own word! The creator is a fellow social worker and so wonderful to contact via Etsy 🙂 

I realized the many ways continuing my education would improve my life. But before I talk about all the reasons to continue our education, I want to expand on the term “continuing education.” 

Continuing education is a term that includes all types of learning. We tend to think of the term as only pursuing our masters, doctorate, or credits needed to advance or stay in our careers. But it is so much more! 

Continuing our education looks different for each of us. It can be pursuing a health coach career with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. It can be entering a school for 200HR Yoga Teacher Certification with the Yoga Alliance. It can also be learning how to speak French with the local community college.

That being said, choosing to continue our education can greatly enrich our lives. It all depends on what it is we want to learn. Okay, so let’s get to these three reasons why continuing your education will improve your life, along with some examples on how it has improved mine!  

You can bring what you learn into your profession. How many of us have retained the information we learned in high school? To be honest, I do not really remember what I learned as a teenager. What I learn now is so much more valuable. 

Being open to learning is important when we are in any profession. No matter what field we are in, there are courses, trainings, and learning activities offered to help us excel at what we do. Having an attitude of learning will make us the best professional we can be in our field. 

For example, I am currently taking an online course called Yoga for Creativity with MaryBeth LaRue, a renowned yoga teacher. The class counts toward my training hours, as well as helps me better sequence and playlist for classes. To be a stronger teacher, it’s essential to be open to learning new things to share with my students. 

You can share what you learn with others in your community. Sharing with our communities is another wonderful reason to continue our education. If we do not intend to share what we learn, then what is the point? 

Not to say it is not rewarding to get a certificate or pass a training, but it is even more rewarding to share what we learn with others. Whether it is, cooking, sewing, researching, or writing, what we learn can greatly impact others if we share it.  

About two years ago, I took a baking course at my local community college. I learned how to make breads, cakes, and biscuits from scratch. Then, I shared my new creations with my family, coworkers, and friends. The smiles on their faces when eating my baked goods made me even more satisfied after taking the course. Now, I am the first one to offer to bake! 

You begin to really discover who you are and what you love. Remember when we were younger and our parents made us go to school? Remember those moments we played hooky because we just didn’t feel like being bothered with the whole school thing? 

Continuing our education is not the same experience. It gives us an opportunity to learn exactly what we want to. There is no more being made to go to school or skipping school because we do not want to go. We get to really be a part of something we see in our future and learn about ourselves along the way. 

In my social work program, I am really discovering who I am. I discovered the times I work best, which are early mornings around 7-9AM. I discovered the people I like to surround myself with, which are go-getters and self-starters. I also discovered the professional options in the social work field, which are so many. 

Ultimately, our continuing education experience will improve our lives. We can bring what we learn into our profession, into our communities, and into our own betterment. We can allow what we learn to shape us and make a better life for us. 

Each of us have a chance to continue our education. It can be either a free online course in coding or it can be an investment into a law program. Whatever it is, let’s take a chance to continue learning and striving for better lives. The learning journey is well worth it. 

On that note, I have to finish up some assignments for next week! It will be the end of this spring semester in my masters program. Peace! 


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  1. Kayla says:

    Yes to more education! I love that it can look different for everyone, something more in depth like a masters program, or something a bit more flexible like taking an online course in photoshop (which I’m happy I did last year!)

    Definitely going to look into that yoga for creativity course!

    • Shanna Tyler says:

      Thanks Kayla for reading!! 🙂 Oh yay! That’s so cool you did an online course in photoshop, haha maybe you can teach me a few things! 😀

      And yes, it’s amazing! I am loving it, getting ready to finish up Week 3 today! It goes over flows for each chakra!

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