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How Many of Us Have Figured Out Work-Life Balance?

If only I could play a song on this post, it would be Rihanna’s “Work.” We work, work, work, work, work, but how about life, life, life, life, life

Many of us are trying to figure out how to balance our work life and home life, including our relationships, our homes, our families, our health, our fitness. Ah! It is so tough whether we work the 9 to 5 or self-employed. It definitely has been hard for me lately. 

This past week, I realized how bad I became with work-life balance. For months, I have been making work more of a priority than life. My life slowly began to be consumed with either the blog, teaching yoga, and for social work. But this past Friday, it hit me.

I came home, and I actually took everything in. My room disheveled, my laundry basket overflowed, my bed unmade, and my belongings not where they belonged. I had not eaten dinner with my parents for a week. I also had not spent time in my own yoga practice in a week, which is a long time for me. 

Now, I have decided to figure out this work-life balance thing. Before it came to this point, I used to plan days just for me, evenings for dinner with my parents, weekends to spend with close family/friends, and Sundays to tidy my room.

The whole reason my work-life balance was not so balanced  is because I fell behind on the two key strategies I used to commit to. 

Saying no is a huge part of my work-life balance. The word “no” can be hard for a lot of us to say, but I am starting to do it again and it feels really good! 

I am such a yes person. I love saying yes to great opportunities to network, to teach, to schmooze, to chat, you name it! But now, I am becoming more firm with saying no and with a smile. Never in a mean way to others, but in a nice way to myself. 

Saying no to commitments can mean we say yes to ourselves. Let’s say that we work a 9 to 5, and one of the top supervisors asks us to dinner on the same night that we promised to see a friend we have not seen in a long time. What do we choose?

We can totally text our friend and say that we need to reschedule, knowing full well we have skipped on them many times and might not see them. Or we can let the supervisor know that we cannot make it and say how about coffee or lunch? Or another weeknight? 

That brings us to another thing that can be just as hard as saying no: setting limits! 

Setting limits is another way I cultivate work-life balance. If we do not set limits in our work and with our life, we are bound to not figure out how to balance the two. There are so many ways we can incorporate limits into our lives.

For me, I like to come home and eat dinner with my parents at least twice a week. This means I have limits in planning work-related activities after 5PM. I let people know straight away that I prefer mornings, early afternoons, or my free nights which are Thursday and Friday. 

Thus, I set a limit with myself in not scheduling commitments after 5PM, and I set a limit with others in working around my schedule. It’s totally worth it and is such a relief in my own work-life balance. 

We are all figuring this out together. At the end of the day, it is up to us. It is up to us to figure out our own limits and say no. It is up to us to figure out our own way to balance our work lives and life stuff! 

My way of figuring it out is by saying no and setting limits for myself. What about you? Are there ways that you have cultivated work-life balance? 

How many of us have figured out work-life balance? If so, please comment below with what has worked for you. I would love to hear and I am sure it can benefit so many of us who are figuring this all out <3 

Have a great week of balancing! Also, if you like the blog, feel free to subscribe here! I only send my blog posts, for now, but so many fun events are planned 🙂 


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  1. Bernadette Robinson says:

    Awesome blog. I definately have not found the balance. But I can say that I have learned to use "No" without an explaination. That is definately key along with the other suggestions.

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