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The Fun, Sweaty Workout You Are Missing Out On

Britney Spears was my girl when I was younger. Memorizing her choreography and practicing in the mirror were my jam. Same goes for Destiny’s Child, those were my girls! I’d dance as Beyonce and two other friends were Kelly and Michelle. 

Now as an adult, my dancing skills are not as practiced. So when I heard about all the dance cardio classes popping up in NYC, I didn’t want to go. I pictured stumbling over my own 5’9 frame and making a complete fool of myself. 

Two weeks ago, I was invited by a fellow yoga teacher to try out 305 Fitness. I was apprehensive. It would be my first time following choreography since my Britney Spears and Destiny’s Child days. But I decided to go anyway. 

And guess what? I had a blast!! Sweat ended up dripping from my forehead before I knew it. Laughter arose when I forgot a turn of the hip or nod of the head. Most importantly, positivity was all up in the studio. 

 Pon De Flo dance class and meet up hosted by The Wellness Pop Up! Our lovely instructor is in the center, she brought the HEAT! 

Pon De Flo dance class and meet up hosted by The Wellness Pop Up! Our lovely instructor is in the center, she brought the HEAT! 

I love dance cardio classes so much that I have one scheduled for this Friday again at 305 Fitness, and I just went to a new one last night at Pon De Flo through The Wellness Pop Up

Okay, so let me share with you guys why you absolutely have to try a dance cardio class and why they are so much fun! 

In a dance cardio class, you can let go of all expectations. Forget a dance move? No problem! Bump into your neighbor? No problem! 

Nothing is taken too seriously once you hit the dance floor, and that’s the beauty of it. There is no more pressure or control that needs to be had. It is just you, your body, and the music. 

You learn to laugh at yourself and not take everything so seriously. How many of us have a hard time with this? I certainly do. 

I am the biggest perfectionist (working on it). I scrutinize almost everything in my life. So hitting the dance floor is wonderful. I get to laugh at myself and not have anything to take seriously. That’s amazing, especially for those of us in busy cities with busy routines and busy lives! 

There is no competition on the dance floor. Everyone’s body is different. Everyone’s dance move will look different. Competition is not present on the dance floor. 

Competition is not there because community is stronger. You get to have fun with the neighbor next to you. Whether the dancer next to you is your friend or a complete stranger, you get to feed off that person’s vibes. Soon we begin to whip our hair and drop it low along with our neighbor. 

Each person comes to a dance class with the attitude of letting go. We all have things we need to let go of. It can be a bad day at work, a bad argument with family, or a bad decision on love; we all have something we need to let go of.

The dance class can turn into really letting go of something and signify a release. That is the best feeling after a workout! 

So are you ready to dance now?! I strongly suggest adding dance cardio at least once a week to our workout routines. I am included in trying to figure out how to do it!

Dance cardio is fun, sweaty, and definitely such a wonderful release of all those sneaky expectations and thoughts! Happy Sweating! 


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