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Here’s How to Easily Support a Non-Profit 

This is typically a month where we spend more time with family, friends, and/or significant others. Whether its for Passover, Easter, Lent, Coachella, or simply the beginning of Spring, the sense of community strengthens. 

People are conversing, laughing, eating and walking more together. We are surrounded by such beautiful vibes and vibrant nature that we may want to share our positivity with others. Well, we can definitely do so at a non-profit! 

A non-profit is any organization or group that makes a difference for a cause and works dliigently in doing so. It can be either locally, nationally, or globally with no profit or profit being the last focus. A few examples of non-profits are ASPCA, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, American Red Cross, and your local homeless shelter. 

Now let’s talk about how we easily support non-profits and spread some community and great vibes with others. Along the way, I will share my own personal experiences too! 

 I am supporting National Fitness Day on May 10th and working out for it! Join me in buying a shirt and all the proceeds go to Girls on The Run International! Click  here  to get your shirt <3 Photo Taken by Alexis M Damen, Photographer

I am supporting National Fitness Day on May 10th and working out for it! Join me in buying a shirt and all the proceeds go to Girls on The Run International! Click here to get your shirt <3 Photo Taken by Alexis M Damen, Photographer

Volunteer – time is one of the most valuable things we have. We show how much something means to us when we dedicate our time to it.

Non-profits can always use people to commit time to their cause. It can be by organizing client folders in the file room to folding donated clothing for the homeless youth. They usually are so accommodating about times; we can come every week, two weeks, every month, or three months. 

In giving our time to a non-profit with any responsibility, we are surely helping push forward a cause we believe in. Every minute counts. 

Donate – money is another very valuable thing we have. Giving our hard-earned cash to a cause that we believe in and stand behind is an amazing way to support. 

No matter if we have a lot of it or just a little, we can always donate an amount to a great cause. A dollar all the way to thousands of dollars can be donated to a non-profit, and they would appreciate it just the same.

Let’s think about it! A dollar can make a difference in paying a light bill in a shelter or affording backpacks for foster youth. There is no amount too small or too large for giving. 

Talent – offering our talent is another excellent way to support a non-profit community. We are given gifts for a reason and they can be used to touch and inspire another life. 

Whether we cook, paint, or bike, our skill can certainly be beneficial at the right non-profit. For example, I had the opportunity to teach yoga at Manhattan Childrens Center last month for their staff. The proceeds of my fee, which I made as low as possible, went toward their organization. 

When we have talents, why not use them for good sometimes?! 🙂 

Refer – this is a biggie. When we have conversations with folks, we can naturally bring up non-profits and ways that we support one. Chances are, that really might spark their interest! 

When others hear about what you do, they can certainly be interested. That happened to me when I was a part of AHRCNYC’s One-For-One Program as a match for an adult with a developmental disability. I spoke about it to fellow co-workers and someone joined the program herself! 

Another option is to refer people to non-profits. Not all of us know the same organizations as there are so many! So when we are in conversation with someone and it naturally comes up, we can easily find ways to bring up supporting a non-profit. 

Embody – last but certainly not least, we can live the mission of whichever non-profit we support! We can lead by example and demonstrate the good through our lifestyles. 

We can make sure our lives line up with what we are behind. If we are dedicated to human services, then we have strive to be kinder to others. If we are committed to sustainability, then we can make sure to reduce, reuse, recycle. There are so many options in life that we can make sure to demonstrate to others! 

That’s what I have done in my support of health and fitness non-profits like Pretty Girls Sweat and F.I.T.4All (my interview with the creator, Caitlin, is coming up soon!). My lifestyle matches up with their missions of inspiring others to move their bodies and be fit. Let’s practice what we preach! 

In life, there are so many wonderful things we have going on for us. We are so fortunate and able to support a non-profit with our time, money, talents, referrals, and lifestyles. 

In this post from November, I spoke about volunteering and also offered up some resources to find ways to volunteer to non-profits. Volunteer Match, one of the sites mentioned, is a great resource to find out what non-profits are out there and need help! 

Anyone have a non-profit they are connected to or want to become a part of?! If so, let’s take some steps or continue on forward! 


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  1. Bernadette Robinson says:

    I currently work for a non-profit and I have worked at several over the pat 16 years. I was definitely considering partnering with one this or next year outside of work.

    • Shanna Tyler says:

      Yes! That’s awesome you have been working at one for so long. Partnering with one outside of work would be amazing, especially in a fitness related non-profit. Any organization would be so fortunate to have you involved!

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