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The Five Aspects of Life to Fall in Love With

Be in love with your life, every minute of it

— Jack Kerouac

What a beautiful quote and beautiful words by Jack Kerouac. But how do we get there? Falling in love is needed before being in love. So how do we do it? 

I certainly do not have all the answers on this, nor am I an expert. But after personal reflection and education in social work, I find that there are five aspects of life to fall in love with for us to lead a life we are in love with.  

Let’s venture further and tune in to these five aspects of our lives, which can lead to us falling in love or falling deeper in love with them. 

1. Relationships. When we hear of being in love, we tend to think first of relationships. We can be in love romantically or platonically. Our spouses, partners, friends, and family members all make up the relationships we have.

This can be a hard question, but do we all keep only relationships that we are in love with? It’s not easy. For example, we do not choose our family members, even though we may want to at times.

A relationship is defined as “the state of being connected,” which we do have control over. We have control of who we connect ourselves to. This control allows us to choose the people in our lives who make us in love with the bonds we keep. 

In reflecting on our relationships, we may have someone we know we need to let go of. Or we may have someone we want to commit ourselves more fully to. Our hearts will tell us  that. Let’s take the time to think on relationships that serve us and no longer serve us, and what we can do to strengthen or let go of those relationships. 

2. Career. Our career is made up of all the roles and occupations we have committed to in the past and present. Whether it is paid experience, volunteer experience, education, or certification, these all make up our career. 

In our careers, have we dedicated our time to something that we love? If we are a painter, do we take apart time to paint? If we are singer, do we commit our time to sing? If we are a dancer, do we make time to dance? 

Let’s be honest. We have bills! We have responsibilities! We have families! So this is not to say that it must be our full-time job, but do we make at least one part of our career dedicated to our passion? This could be volunteering or attending a meet up event! 

For example, I am a yoga teacher. I love it, I am dedicated to it. However, it does not pay the bills… yet 🙂 Thus, I do it on the side. I got my certification and I am now developing paid experiences with independent studios and my own events. I say this as encouragement to all of us to make our career one that is made up of what we are passionate about. 

 Picture taken by AlexisMDamen Photo 

Picture taken by AlexisMDamen Photo 

3. Body. As a fitness enthusiast, yoga teacher, and food lover, you know I have to include our bodies! I strongly believe we can be in love with our bodies through fitness, nutrition, and rest. 

Falling in love with our bodies is tough. We have so much outside noise telling us what our bodies should look like, feel like, and be capable of that it affects what we say on the inside. However, to fall in love is within us to do. Thus, screw what the outside says and let’s listen to the inside. 

I just recently fell in love with my body. How? I feed it what it wants, I move it how it wants, and I rest it when it wants. I feed it with nutritional and sometimes junky foods that it wants 😀 I move my body with a yoga sequence, morning run, or strength training. I rest it with naps and make sure to get 8-9 hours of sleep a night. 

However, there are times we can feel down. We can feel uncomfortable in our bodies and even feel shame in them. But isn’t that the way most relationships are? We work on it and love it. If our bodies are not aligning with us, let’s talk to our bodies and figure out what is up. 

4. Travel. It is strongly believed that travel can open up our eyes to the beauty of the world, the beauty of cultures, and the beauty of people. It is one aspect of life to truly fall in love with. 

Travel just so happens to be the one aspect of my life I have not yet nurtured. I have not traveled outside of the country nor have I really taken time to travel. So I cannot use myself as an example, but I can say that I notice the benefits it does for others. 

When we take time to leave our usual surroundings, we can appreciate the surroundings of another area. We can take in the atmosphere, the environment, and the culture. We can appreciate the differences of speech, such as the Jersey girl accent people notice about me or the Brooklyn accent I notice when I go there. 

Let’s encourage ourselves to travel more, to budget, to save, and to book a flight to go to another part of the country or the world. I am challenging myself to make a trip/s this year. 

5. Knowledge. Last but certainly not least, let’s fall in love with learning. Gathering knowledge through learning is a beautiful way to lead life. When we continue to study, read, and observe, our lives become more enriched as a result. 

Constantly being a student is truly an enriching experience that I have found deep passion with. I am the first one to sign up for free webinars or e-books from social workers, bloggers, and yoga teachers as a way to gain more knowledge. 

When we know more, we can live in our truth more. Does anyone else think the same? 

Today, I challenge all of us to dedicate the week to one area above. There has to be one area that we said we need to focus more on and always have wanted to commit to. 

Whether it is in our relationships, career, body, travel, or knowledge, we can all find at least one thing this week to become more dedicated to do. Let’s fall in love with life, every damn minute of it! 


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