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Why Your Voice Matters – And How to Use It

Your voice matters, yes, yours! I know it’s hard to believe, but trust me. This week has been truly a lesson for me in discovering why my voice is important. Why?

Because I am not accustomed to using it! But I want us all to encourage us to use all to use our voices. The reason is… 

Our voice and our mind are unique qualities that we have. Unique means it is the only one of its kind. We have a one-of-a-kind voice that can be contributed to any conversation or any situation. 

That can be hard to realize when we are intimidated or scared. For instance, this week I had a huge change in my relationship status. I planned not to use my voice. Until I realized the strength my voice holds and I decided to speak my mind. 

How did I speak my mind and use my voice? I just did it. Yes, I know you were expecting something profound like meditation on a mountain hill. But there is no special or unique way that we can do it. 

When do we ever say what we really feel? When do we call someone out on their bullshit? When do we ever allow ourselves to be frank? 

I am not saying we should have word vomit! I am saying just do it, just do it when the time is right, just do it when the right words come, just do it when the heart aligns with the mouth. It allows us to express ourselves. 

Expressing how we really feel, we allow ourselves the strength to show who we really are. We empower ourselves to become louder and become bigger than we ever were. We give validation to our voice.

The reason we make our voice is heard because it is the only one of its kind. The way we do it is just by doing it. We gather the words and we say them. It may not be easy, but isn’t it harder to hold it in? 

Let’s continue to use our voice and know why into this new week and into this new day. 


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