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How To Find Your Yoga Community

Yoga is a bonding activity when we practice with others. I strongly believe it is because of the community-building that it supports. 

Beginners and even advanced practitioners can see yoga as a solo activity. Some of us find yoga on YouTube or via an app, making it easier to practice in the comfort of our homes. 

Yet there is nothing like finding a yoga community to flow with, bond with, and sweat with. Let’s talk about the ways we can find our own lovely warriors to practice with! 

Branch out to public places and meet fellow yogis. Finding local studios and gyms that offer yoga classes are a popular way to find yogis to flow with. When it’s nice out, parks are also nice too! 

Go ahead, arrive ten minutes earlier to a class, set up your mat, and mingle with other yogis. Or stick around after class and chat with the other yogis that are also hanging out. 

We will be pleasantly surprised by how many people will be happy to speak to us. Chatting can lead to vibing which can lead to exchanging numbers. Viola! A yogi friendship has been found. 

Sign up for a yoga workshop or retreat with others. Workshops and retreats are nothing like regular classes. They encourage communication between teachers, yogis, and bodies.

Yoga workshops and retreats are amazing opportunities to meet people of similar interests. With them, we can use down-time to engage, explore, and converse with others. 

Eventbrite is an awesome tool to find what’s going on locally and nationally. Simply type the destination, enter “yoga workshop” and/or “yoga retreat” in the search bar, and watch all the options pop up. 

Find a yoga teacher who encourages connection. Not many yoga teachers do this, but it is certainly getting popular! We can certainly find one who encourages yogis to connect with another; I am challenging myself to do this as well.

Teachers can structure a class that allows us to introduce ourselves to our neighbors, smile at fellow yogis for a moment, or teaming up for a quick partner move. 

When teachers do this, it allows each yogi to connect with one another. This type of yoga teacher can be harder to find, but going to the above activities can really help us find a yoga teacher who encourages this.

Building a yoga community is all about being open to meeting others. Last but not least, bringing friendly vibes will encourage friendships. Coming with an open attitude, we are more likely to find a yoga community. 

Classes, workshops, and retreats will lead to being surrounded by awesome yogis who are also open to meeting others. Let’s not be afraid to connect with yogis, just like we connect with our yoga bodies. 

Does anyone else have tips for finding a yoga community or would like to share how they found a yoga friend?! Comment below with some stories <3 


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