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The Three Words You Need to Say to Yourself

“I love you.” Who do we usually say this to? Is it our parents? Is it our partners? Is it our relatives? Now, how about ourselves? 

We can say some crappy things to ourselves. Last week, we talked about how to stop being mean to ourselves. This week, let’s talk about saying those three words and being loving to ourselves. 

Professing our love for ourselves can be done anywhere. Whether we are in our beds, on our mats, or in our mirrors, we can always take the time to say “I love you” to ourselves. 

Doing this can ground us into ourselves and calm down any stressful situation that arises. We can remind ourselves that we are loved, by the person we live with. Ourselves. 

Saying I love you to ourselves makes us follow it up. When we express love, we better make sure we are showing it. Loving someone is a commitment; it is no different for ourselves.

That being said, if we say it, we better show it to ourselves! I try the same by doing something I love everyday, either practicing yoga, eating donuts, or sleeping early. 

Reminding ourselves of self-love fights self-loathing. Come on, we all do it. We get down on ourselves when we do not get that promotion, that apartment, that relationship. Those nasty thoughts come in and we accept them for a moment. 

Shouting “I LOVE YOU!” to ourselves shuts that noise up. We start thinking of our strengths. We start thinking of all the reasons we are amazing and why we can get back up after any disappointment. Love fights it all. 

Expressing our self-love to ourselves carries on into our relationships. Loving ourselves means we can love others better. It’s a fact, at least it’s mine! 

Loving ourselves means that we can love others even better. When we say it and show it to ourselves, then we can express it and show it to others. That can easily strengthen our existing relationships and create new relationships. 

Say these three words in your head. I love you. I love you for who you are and who are you becoming. I love you because you are me. 

Let’s make this week one of self-love. Saying it ourselves, affirming it to ourselves, and showing it to ourselves. I am in need of this just as anyone.

If anyone else is down for this, comment below with I love you, write it down in your planner, type it in your phone, anything! 


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