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Build a 2018 You Can Be Proud Of

It’s Sunday Soulday 

As I write this blog post, I am sipping on my favorite coffee and listening to my favorite song of 2017 (No Complaints – Metro Boomin). I’m also reflecting on 2017 and how quickly this last day of the year came. 

I’ve been proud of many things and not proud at others. One of my biggest regrets of 2017 is not being consistent on this blog. I couldn’t get with a groove and niche and idea and day and time and (insert another excuse). Moving forward, I’ve learned a lesson just to do it. Today is the first Sunday Soulday of the blog. 

That said, building upon lessons is a goal of mine each year. This year is no different, and I’d love to share the ways that I go about building years that I am proud of. As I prepare for 2018, I do these top three things to ensure that I am going into the year with the right tools and mindsets. 

 Photo taken by Diana Davis Creative

Photo taken by Diana Davis Creative

Write that ish down where you see it. There’s something about writing goals down. There’s something about writing lessons down. There’s something about writing emotions down. There’s just something about writing in general that makes it more concrete for us. 

In 2017, I began writing my goals down on strips of paper where I could see them every day. I dispersed them throughout my room – my desk, my dresser, my mirror, everywhere. 

I wrote down that I would reach a livable salary and I got a job offer in a few months. I wrote down that I was going to move out of my parent’s house before the end of 2017, and I moved out in November. I wrote down that I would follow through with the Self Soul Sport™ community, and I just hosted December’s event last night. 

Let’s write down what we want to build this year. And if you’re still not convinced, Forbes has this amazing article that proves exactly why you should be writing down your goals. Believe me, ya’ll! 

Ditch empty thoughts and relationships. Let’s be honest, we hold on to things that we don’t need. Each year, we can ditch something. Whether it’s some negative self-talk or negative influence, we need to leave at least one thing behind. What is yours? 

Mine? Firstly, I’m leaving behind the perfectionist crap. Perfectionism can hold us back from just following through and making a goal happen. So I’m leaving that behind by writing on this blog today and working on the Self Soul Sport™ podcast

Secondly, I’m leaving behind the deadweight “situationship” I’ve held on to for two years. We all have that person in our life that we always gravitate back to, even though we know they aren’t any good. I’ve had mine and I’m finally leaving that person behind finally. Mic drop. 

So how about you? I know you have something to ditch, just like me. Meditate on it and I dare yah to write down that you’re leaving it behind in 2017. It’s not allowed in 2018! 

Celebrate all the ups and learn from the downs. Going into a new year can bring so many emotions: regret, excitement, nostalgia, and joy are few. Living a year is a lot like hosting a party! Let’s dissect that for a moment. 

Sometimes, the drinks are flowing and the conversations are banging. Sometimes, the mouths are vomiting and the arguments are rising. Sometimes, the jams are dance-worthy and the folks are vibing. Sometimes, the tunes are cringe-worthy and the folks are hating. Parties have their ups and downs, just like life. 

This year, I had my share of ups and downs. I cried and I laughed. I smiled and I frowned. But I choose to celebrate and learn. Celebrating for me means getting really intoxicated tonight. Learning for me means organizing with my new Passion Planner today.

One of my biggest celebrations is being employed at a job that I love and don’t see myself leaving any time soon. One of my biggest lessons is extending myself so much that I barely had time to enjoy myself. 

That said, what are you celebrating and learning from? You know the drill, write that ish down! 🙂 

Get the tools ready and build your new year! These are some useful tools to building a 2018 that you can be proud of. I do them each year with each year getting bigger and better. Let’s write down our goals, ditch what’s empty, celebrate all the wins, and learn from all the losses. 

Happy New Year and Build it! 


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    Great post and I wish you a great 2018

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