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4 Simple Tips for Starting a New Year

A new year is all about new beginnings. Out with the old and in the new. But it is still the same us. 

No matter how we feel about what we accomplished or did not accomplish in the previous year, we have an opportunity here and now. Let’s talk about four simple tips to starting an amazing new year. 

 Photo by View Infinity 

Photo by View Infinity 

1. Continue unfinished goals of the old year. In January 2016, we all brainstormed goals we wanted to accomplish. Whether it was in fitness or business, we wanted to crush it. 

In January 2017, it is the perfect opportunity to check in on what was accomplished and what wasn’t. If we didn’t, there is no reason to fret or get down on ourselves. The new year is perfect to continue those unfinished goals. Whatever they are, we can carry them over. 

For me, my unfinished goal is finances. Getting better at budgeting and using self-control with my money. This is something I have carried on to 2017 and will continue to work on, and eventually crush! 

2. Build on finished goals of the old year. Not only are unfinished goals important, but the finished ones are too. They allow us to pick up where we left off. 

If we got that promotion, we can look forward to succeeding in that position. If we got that certificate, we can find a suitable job. If we got that relationship, we can grow with another person. 

In December 2016, I received my 200HR yoga teacher certification and now in January 2017, I am going to be teaching at Shaktibarre on Tuesdays at 5PM for a slow flow! I also intend to teach more yoga into this new year. 

3. Leave behind what was old. We have a tendency to hold on to what does not serve us. We hold on to those same pesky insecurities and silly mistakes, but leaving them behind in the new year serves us more. 

We can certainly use moments and experiences to help us grow, but leaving behind those emotions is key. That’s why a new year is a perfect time to let go and let grow. Whatever it is that is holding us behind, let’s let it go and leave that junk in 2016. 

4. Look ahead at what is new. New years can bring completely new goals. Sometimes we start afresh. 

When we start off a new year, it is an invitation to evaluate our passions. What is it that we haven’t touched upon? Is it that love of playing the guitar, that love of dancing hip-hop, or that love of practicing yoga? 

This year I tend to venture into my love of writing. Writing more blog posts, writing for publications, so much more coming in the new year. 

A new year gives us a chance to finish old goals, build on unfinished goals, leave old ish behind, and look forward to new ish. 

Anyone thought of any goals or ideas for starting off a new year? Let us know so we can cheer you on! 


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