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Why You Should Do a Tea Cleanse with LumiTea

How do you feel about tea cleanses? I used to think tea cleanses were a waste of time until I tried out LumiTea’s 30-Day Cleanse.

Let’s talk about some benefits of a tea cleanse and why I recommend LumiTea’s cleanse to you guys. 

After finishing that cleanse from a month ago, I realized how wonderful it was once it ended. My energy increased, my bloating decreased, and my skin glowed. 

It invigorates the body. Coffee has side effects; we feel energy then we crash. Drinking the right blends or teas will surely energize us without the benefits. LumiTea’s cleanse has that. 

LumiTea’s Skinny Blend contains ingredients perfect for energy, including yerba mate and oolong. Yerba mate is a traditional South American brew that delivers a smooth and clean energy boost, and oolong is a tea that helps with mental performance and alertness/ 

It cleanses the body. A detox for the body means expelling toxins to promote healthy digestion. LumiTea’s Colon Blend is the other half of the detox cleanse that does just that. 

With ingredients like licorice and senna leaf, the blend makes sure to have a laxative-like effect while still ensuring it is not explosive (no other way to put it). I became less bloated and more cleaned out. 

It helps the skin. Detoxing the body means detoxing the skin too. Whatever it is going on inside our bodies carries out to the skin, as well. 

The combination of the two cleanses promote toxins and pollutants to rid ourselves from our bodies, especially with antioxidants. Antioxidants are great for the skin and help to create less wrinkles, pimples, and dead skin cells. Pretty and bright skin! 

Personally, I highly recommend LumiTea. I especially recommend it to anyone, who like me, was skeptical about tea cleanses. They are really the best. 

Talking to their team is easy and quick. They always answer my questions, plus deliver first class which is always a plus 🙂 They also have a blog that tells you all the reasons to do a tea cleanse

Here’s a discount. To check out their products or straight up by the 30-day cleanse, use the code SHANNA at checkout receive 15% off any Lumitea products. 

I am starting this 30-day cleanse all over again and would love to do this along with others or here about any one else’s experience! Let me know if you end up purchasing or have any other questions. 


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