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The Gym Mistakes You Should Avoid

With our new year’s resolutions of getting more fit, the gym is a popular place to head. Being in a gym atmosphere is like a new world with it’s own set of rules.

The below mistakes can be useful to learn from to create a more safe, fun, and friendly environment to kick butt in. Personally, I’ve learned all of these mistakes the hard way and have found myself on the receiving end of them as well. 

Not sanitizing equipment before and after use. Workout equipment is used by so many people throughout the day and let’s be honest, not everyone is taking the time to use those sanitizing wipes. 

It’s especially cold season and germs are all over, including in our gyms. Before we get on the treadmill, use the dumbbells, or put on those boxing gloves, we can protect ourselves and others by swiping a sanitizing wipe on them before and after use! 

Not putting equipment back where it belongs. I can be an offender because I plan something after the gym or in a rush for the next circuit. But this is can make it harder and less safe for others!

Sometimes we are so into our workouts that we trip over a dumbbell left on the floor after some else’s workout. Or we can spend time during a circuit to look for the other set of 15 lbs, just to find them in the foam rolling area. 

Not being respectful to gym staff and members. We are all a community, whether the person works at the gym or goes to the gym, they all deserve respect.

It makes our areas so much more warm and welcoming if we can at least just be courteous and/or say hello to each other. Who knows?! We can also get a new fit friend 🙂 

Let’s make these mistakes our strengths. These mistakes can seem so small but can make such a huge difference in our gym communities! 

I am totally on board for working on these myself. Anyone else have any gym mistakes they do or see often?! 


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  1. Bernadette Robinson says:

    I love this. Well, I guess I fall on the boderline of not being respectful…. who knows. But whatever thr case, they sure get a good laugh while watching my crazy antics. That’s all the welcome they need.

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