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3 Myths About Eyelash Extensions

Being the first beauty post, it seems appropriate to talk about one of the newest beauty crazes: eyelash extensions. 

As a lover of getting lash extensions done myself, there are so many questions that arise from them. A huge part is because they tend to get a bad rap! That’s why below are some debunked myths all about eyelash extensions. 

1. The real eyelashes will fall out. One of the top myths about eyelash extensions is that it will cause the real ones to fall out. 

A good lash technician will know the right weight and amount of lashes to add to your real eyelashes to avoid losing them. Finding reputable and licensed places debunks this myth. 

Majority of lash destinations I have tried are only from word of mouth or researching online, never from a walk-in. We can always count on people to let us know when a place is no good on Yelp, Google, and even their own website. 

2. The extensions will look unrealistic. Many people love going for eyelashes for a natural look, especially here in New York City. There are many different options that can make our eyelashes look realistic. 

Most places also provide details pictures of lengths to ensure we are happy with the look. The lash technician also will consult before filling to know the desired length and shape, such as glamorous, natural, cat-eye, and so much more.

That being said, it is easy to get a set just for accentuating the eyes and adding more volume and length, while still looking realistic. Another option is going all out in a glamorous style and having fun with it. Eyelash extensions are versatile! 

3. The extensions will not last when sweating. So many fit folks love eyelash extensions and with good reason! It’s because they last and hang in there during our workouts. 

About 24-48 hours after a session is the only time sweating is a no-no. Otherwise, it is game to sweat in the gym, studio, or even in the sauna. Sweating more will just mean making sure to get them refilled more often, maybe 2 weeks versus 3! 

Myths keep us from enjoying certain things and eyelash extensions are certainly so much fun! They are great for enhancing our eyes when not wearing make-up and accentuating our looks. 

Does anyone else love eyelash extensions? Or willing to try after hearing some of these debunked myths? Comment below with any thoughts! 


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