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3 Reasons to Do a Yoga Challenge

According to this 2016 Yoga Journal study, about 34 million Americans practice yoga. That’s a lot of yogis. 

How many people from this group engage in yoga challenges? No idea! A study has not been done yet on it. But they are huge on Instagram

From beginners to advanced yogis, many are participating in these challenges. I too am now participating in a #newyearmoreyoga challenge! Why? Well let’s talk about it!

 Photo taken by View Infinity

Photo taken by View Infinity

A yoga challenge builds community. One of the top reasons to join a yoga challenge is the amount of support received from the participating hosts, sponsors, and fellow yogis. 

Yoga can be seen as a very self-focused and lonely practice sometimes. If we mostly practice in our homes, a challenge is a way to connect with other yogis and share our yoga journeys through yoga challenges. Or we can simply enjoy it because we want more yogis to connect with! 

A yoga challenge encourages mindfulness. Being mindful about our bodies and how they feel in a pose is hard in the middle of a flow. It can be hard to focus when we have a teacher’s voice, a playlist, and/or other students next to us. 

That’s why when we are flowing into a pose with full intent on achieving it, it makes us aware of how our bodies feel. We can ask ourselves questions. Is my alignment correct? How does my body feel in this pose? How can I make this pose my own? 

A yoga challenge tests patience. As not one of the most patient people in the world, this is a tough one. This challenge definitely prepares yogis for patience on and off the mat. 

There are bound to be poses that we have to work into. A yoga challenge is true to its name! It’s going to be tough. We are going to have poses we do not like, but it challenges us to be patient with our bodies and ourselves; we can work with it or work against it. 

A yoga challenge benefits a yogi not only in practice but in life. With all the above reasons, we can see that they can be transferred to our daily lives. 

We will have a community to connect with. We will be more mindful of our bodies and how we feel. We also will be more patient with ourselves, which will lead to being more patient with others. 

Convinced to do one yet? Are there any yoga challenges in the works that you are a part of or want to do? How do you feel about them, in general? 


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  1. Bernadette says:

    I would like to incorporate but I believe the beat setting would be in a class. On my own, I have no patience….. but of course, that’s the point.

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