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If You Dread Running, You Are Not Alone

This post is different than other #workitwednesday posts. Most of the workouts, activities, and products shown are loved and adored. 

However, running is an activity that is straight up tough for me to love. Even with completing a 5K, it can be tough to get motivated to run. Anyone else who feels the same way, we are in it together. 

Let’s talk some ways we can pump ourselves up or honestly talk to ourselves about running as our form of exercise. 

Create a banging’ playlist. Arguably, the most important way we can pump ourselves up is having some awesome music. Creating a playlist via Spotify or Apple Music is such a way to pump ourselves up for a run. 

Not only is a music playlist encouraging, but it can accompany a run for your personal pace. Also, playing our favorite songs also keeps our heads in the game when our legs certainly aren’t. 

Focus on the end. This is one of the rare times we want to focus on the ending and not the during. While running, it can be so tough to keep on going without sight of a finish line. 

Visualizing the end and the sense of accomplishment after helps so much while running. Being able to taste the finish line, the end of that mile, or the block before the house is what will keep us going on. 

Do something else. Fit journeys are not about dreading or not loving what you do. If running is not your idea of a good workout or you find yourself really dreading it, don’t do it! 

Personally, it took sometime to learn this. We do not have to excel at every type of physical activity. We may love yoga but hate running. We may love cycling but hate running. We may love boxing but hate running. 

Finding what we love is key in our workouts. There is something so challenging about running. Maybe it is the discipline, the self-determination, the solidarity, the accountability, or maybe just the act itself. 

Let’s be ourselves in our fit journeys. Anyone who does not like running, you are not alone. The question to ask ourselves is why we don’t like running.

Do we not like it because it is tough? Do we not like it because it does not connect with us as a workout? Do we not like it because its uncomfortable? 

Let’s evaluate this whole running journey and whether or not it serves us in our workouts. Me? Still thinking about it. 


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