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A wellness blogger, side hustler, and community founder based in the NYC area. I love connecting with kick-ass folks and sharing my really real story. Learn more about me!

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The Lesson I Learned From Blogging

Years ago, I wanted to create a blog. I spent tons of time and money to come up with different blog titles, blog names, blog ideas, blog URLs, blog sites, you name it.

Three blogs, countless websites, and many ideas later, this blog was born. This blog is so different than my past endeavors because of the one lesson I have learned. 

Stay True to Yourself. Six months ago, this blog was created differently than the rest. 

 My very first photoshoot for the blog and meeting one of the many people who support my vision, Henrietta from therealhbmedia.com

My very first photoshoot for the blog and meeting one of the many people who support my vision, Henrietta from therealhbmedia.com

I simply kept the blog URL my darn name. The tagline “self, soul, sport” is a personal motto. The logo was created from a good graphic designer friend who knows me and my vision. The website design is from Squarespace and all tweaked by me. 

Each blog post has come from my own experiences and passions in lifestyle, fitness, and health.  Not once have I felt pressured or forced in this blog. That is because I have learned to stay true to myself and blog what I love. 

In the process of blogging, I realized who I am. Not only has blogging allowed me to write about what I love, but to live what I love. 

Blogging about yoga made me realize I want to be a yoga instructor. Blogging about health made  me realize how much I love health inside and out. Blogging about fitness made me realize how much I love pushing myself beyond physical limits.

Blogging also has helped me realize how much I love beauty. As a natural-haired, eyelash-obsessed, and skin-conscious girl, I am happy to introduce the new beauty category, which will be featured on Mondays! 

I have one bit of advice for fellow or budding bloggers. That all being said, be unapologetically and honestly yourself. 

Coming up with fancy blog names, forced blog posts, and expensive blog designs is not worth it. Blog from your heart just like you live from your heart.  

Huge thank you to all who are reading and have supported the blog. Gear up for a year filled with fitness, lifestyle, health, and (now) beauty. Look out 2017, Shanna Tyler is coming for yah! 🙂 


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