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Why Challenge Yourself

Are you up for a challenge? Do the idea of challenges scare you or incite fear in you? 

I am still afraid of challenges. What if I fail? What if I do not perform my best? What if? 

Recently, I have been accepting challenges and I would like to share why we should accept more challenges. 

  • Challenges give you structure – As one who used to strongly dislike structure, hear me out. Structure is so pertinent when you want to work toward a goal. Without a plan and without a routine, how can one expect to really get there? If we sit and come up with a concrete structured plan for our goals, we are halfway to getting there.
  • Challenges give you discipline – The other half is discipline. We all can lay out and plan but without discipline, we cannot make it there. A challenge fully prepares you to be disciplined. Without training, obeying, following, or whatever your plan entails, you cannot get work toward a goal. Waking up with an intention and going to sleep with an intention mean nothing if you are not disciplined enough to do so. Sticking to your structure and discipline makes you closer to your goal. 
  • Challenges give you confidence – When you accept a challenge, you are most likely not 100% there. There will be hard work, sweat, tears, or more. The journey that comes with a challenge will get you closer to your end goal. Throughout that time, no matter whether you end with the result you have in mind, you will have proof of your conquering.  
  • Challenges give you success – Success is defined as “the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.” I would like to challenge that. I believe that success is the accomplishment of a purpose or aim in which one strives wholeheartedly toward. This means that a challenge is not only successful when you accomplish it, it is a success once you put your whole self into it. There are times I committed to a challenge and did not reach the accomplished goal, but I learned and grew so much toward the way. 

The above reasons all come from my own experience from my own personal challenge. Since last month I have been a part of the BBG Community. For the last two weeks, I have decided to do the BBG Challenges. 

I have been wanting to push myself more in my workouts and they definitely are challenging. The structure, the discipline, the confidence and the success make me want to recommend doing one to you all. 

We all have ways we can challenge ourselves more in life. Maybe yours is in your workplace, your school, your home-life, your workouts, or your kitchen. 

With a new month and season coming, what better time to begin a challenge. Are you with me? Let’s accept a challenge together! 

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