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by Far, by CHLOE.

Where does your mind go when you hear anything involving vegan food? 

A year ago, my mind used to go to really bland and flavorless food that was really good and healthy for you.

Once I became a vegetarian, I started to warm up to the idea of becoming vegan. Enough so that I dabble in making recipes with my gifted vegan cookbook. 

But now my mind has been completely blown by the possibilities of vegan food once I ate at by CHLOE. last month. 

By far, by CHLOE. is the best vegan food in the city.

— Shanna Tyler

by CHLOE. is a restaurant mostly based in NYC that serves a menu strictly of vegan food. It is basically a fast food stop minus the regrets. 

Thus far, I have been to the West Village and Flatiron location. The picture above and all below are from the Flatiron location.

I must say, by CHLOE. stays consistent with their branding throughout. I love the decor, the black-and-white theme with pops of color and animation, as well as a friendly, open seating. 

Okay, now I have to get to the menu. I will be honest, I have not strayed away from the classic burger with sweet potato fries, along with the spicy aioli sauce. 

But I do have recommendations based on both of my friends I have frequented with. The beet ketchup is something that is either a hit or a miss; I was not too into it, but my one friend loved it. 

The guacamole burger also was ordered by both friends and was comfortably eaten/digested. Unfortunately, I cannot have avocado due to a recent discovery of my intolerance to it 🙁 but you guys enjoy! 

They also have cold press juice, salads, pasta, but most of all they have sweets. Now I was tempted to get close enough to take a picture of them, but I did not trust myself not to get a giant cookie. 

Trust me, their sweets looked amazing. What I love about it was also the service. Everyone is attentive and ready to take your order, even smiling while doing it! All of my New Yorkers know that is a rarity sometimes. 

Next trip for me will be their brunch menu, for sure. A smoothie bowl is calling my name! 

Anyone else have favorite restaurants that serve vegan food or been to this one?! It makes me really consider going straight vegan. 

Again, by far, by CHLOE. is the best vegan restaurant in NYC.

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