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How to Stay Hydrated

Do you ever get really thirsty in the middle of the day and wonder why? You are most likely dehydrated. 

With all the sweating and working out we do, it is imperative to give our bodies back the water we lost and need. Even if you aren’t sweating and working out, we all need to stay hydrated.

Drinking water is not easy and is definitely something that I had to find some tricks and tips to make myself be more mindful of my water intake. 

  1. Pick a set amount – It’s easier not to drink water if you do not have a set goal. I finally started drinking more water when I set a goal of drinking 1.5 or 2 liters a day. Keeping track means that you are also keeping yourself accountable. Want to figure out how much water you should drink a day? This is an awesome article and calculator from Slender Kitchen, that I’ve used! 
  2. Make your water taste good – water can be so bland when you are drinking your recommended amount daily. That’s why I like to mix it up with having either Smart Water, Polar Seltzer Water, or Pellegrino for when I am feeling real fancy. If I don’t want to purchase water, I use my Brita filter, cut up two slices of lemon and drop it into my water bottle. 
  3. Drink out of something pretty – never underestimate the power of a pretty water bottle. For me, I opted for a 20oz MIRA bottle about two weeks ago (pictured above). I take it to the gym, the yoga studio, the classroom, just about everywhere. It is a bottle that I love holding and since I almost always wear all black, it matches my outfits too. 

Even now as I type this blog post, I am noticing how dehydrated I am after my quick yoga session. Time to grab the MIRA bottle, fill up with my Brita, and maybe slice up a lemon. 

I think we all can benefit from sharing ways to drink more water. Comment below if you have some tricks and tips you have for staying hydrated! 

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