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What Happens in Y7…

Has anyone else tried a new studio or gym and instantly fell in love? This happened to me with Y7.

Y7, which stands for Yoga and the 7 chakras, is a yoga studio that proudly integrates hip hop, yoga, and a hot room.

Most of their studios are located in New York, including Brooklyn, SoHo, and Union Square. However, the Flatiron studio is my home. 

Immediately, you are greeted by the wise words of Drake’s “Started from the Bottom” on the stairwell, as well as the Y7 sign. The decor inside also encourages us, as yogis, to approach our practice with the best intention. 

To be honest, what happens in Y7 stays in Y7. There is nothing to it, but to do it. But I can share some brief hints as to why I have to dedicate a post to Y7. 

It is a class with no mirrors. It is a class with a comfortably heated room. It is a class with dim lighting. It is a class with no judgment. It is a class with hip-hop in the background. 

Most importantly, it is a class where you really feel like a tribe. There is no competition in the class. You feel comfortable enough to fall, to take risks, and commit to your practice. 

If anyone is in the NYC area and looking for a yoga studio to call home, I highly recommend Y7! 

Another blogger, Alexis Mera, shared an interview with Sarah Levey, the Co-founder of Y7. I found this blog post and interview so inspiring not only as a yogi, but as a woman. Feel free to check it out. 

Also, feel free to follow my snapchat “shanna_tyler” where I share my adventures to new experiences and workout studios. But right now, Y7 has me hooked. 

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