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Gut Talk

When you hear the word “gut” what does that mean to you? Is it that place that you listen to and pay attention to?

This week has been full of gut talk on my end. For the past few days, my yoga teacher training venture has been a whirlwind.

As you guys may or may not know, I announced my starting with a program last weekend. Well, it didn’t go well.

Not because it isn’t an amazing program, but because I could instantly tell it just was not right for me.

Our guts lead us to paths and directions we should go in. Listen carefully.

— Shanna Tyler

Afterwards I questioned the path of yoga, what it means to me, what the philosophy is behind it, whether or not I could teach from a space that was true to all that encompasses me.

My finances, my friends, my family members, my beliefs, and my emotions all said opposite things until I listened to my gut.

I went onto Google, searched yoga teacher trainings, and found one that suits me the best. Not only that, I met with the teacher prior and she openly showed me a manual that really fit me and my intention for practice.

It gets better: she, too, offered me a discount in order to be an intern with her. When I tell this story, I want to inspire you all.

We can ask the opinions of everyone around us; we can search up and down for the answers around us; we can pay attention to the doubts and fears around us.  

Or we can listen to our guts. What is yours telling you?

Is it telling you the opposite of the path you are going down now?

Is it telling you to do something that many people will not understand?

Is it telling you to journey somewhere further than you ever imagined?

We have moments deep inside us where our guts tell us which direction to move.

Guts continue to talk even when we don’t want to walk. Let’s walk with the gut talk next week.

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