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Stress the Stretch

Can we all relate to sometimes skipping the stretch before and after a workout? 

I know I can. There are so many activities that can be scheduled to make us rush forget or neglect the stretch portions of our workouts. 

Let’s take time to stress why it’s so important to stretch, especially if we are doing any kind of cardiovascular movement (i.e. running, bicycling, indoor cycling, HIITing)

One of the major reasons for stretching before a workout is preparation.

Consider stretching like the foreplay of fitness. By stretching our body, we are getting it ready for the work ahead.

Not only that, but the blood gets pumping, getting our bodies warmed up and reducing the risk of injury. 

Now let’s also talk about the after stretch. Overall, if you care about being able to move the next day, you should make it a priority to stretch after your workout!  

When we do not stretch our muscles after, we are keeping them tight and constricted. This causes cramps and all that pain that makes it hard to walk up the stairs or reach for something. 

Ultimately, stretching our body allows us to keep our muscles loose and ready for the many workouts ahead. 

Last but not least, how should we stretch? I am a huge fan of darebee.com and have mentioned it a few times in past posts.

Click here for multiple references and pictures on stretches to do for warming up (or cooling down)! Happy Stretching guys! 

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