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The Ab Lab

Chemistry was a surprising subject that I ended up really enjoying in high school. My final grade even ended up being an A. 

I believe it was due to the fact I could not take any shortcuts. I had to study, work hard, and dedicate time to really grasp the subject. Same thing goes for abs. 

The same way I had to make sure I was present for every chemistry lab, I have to make sure I am giving it my all in ab workouts. 

Many times I have mentioned that abs are not exactly my favorite area to workout. However, the more I do ab workouts, I’ve noticed something… 

Somehow I am starting to enjoy each ab workout and pushing myself to the limit. 

Pictured above used to be my least favorite yoga and ab-strengthening pose, the boat. It is a modified version with knees bent, but full boat is with the legs straightened. 

I’ll get to the point; boat is no joke. Keeping your back straight, core tight, and legs up while you are feeling a burn in your tummy is not easy. 

When I think I cannot make it sometimes I surprise myself. I hold it for a second longer, my chest rises a little more, and my abs don’t feel like they are going to give out. 

Taking the time out to study, work hard, and dedicate the time to practicing this yoga pose and many others that focus on abs have really paid off. I am no superwoman, just a person who really has enjoyed fitness. 

When we workout, we push ourselves. When we workout our least favorite body part, there is something even more gratifying in conquering moves.

How about you? Have you surprised yourself during your workouts? If so, was there a move or moment when it hit you that you are a conqueror? 

Our goals are on the other side of our efforts. Shortcuts are not an option! Let’s get it! 

P.S. If you are looking to find out more about boat pose, click this link for one of my favorite resources, Yoga Journal. It gives a step-by-step on how to safely practice boat, as well as an instructional video! 

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