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Side Eye the Doubts

Let’s talk about doubting yourself. What is it about making decisions that makes you question yourself?

Is it just me or everytime I have to make a choice, all of a sudden there are all of these ugly thoughts that come to mind. This week, I side eyed the doubts. 

If anyone does not know exactly what the side eye is, it is a “facial expression expressing one’s criticism, disapproval, animosity, or scorn of varying levels of intensity towards another person.” Shoutout to Urban Dictionary for the definition

With putting myself out there more than ever, I began to doubt myself this week. 

I started to doubt how well I am going to perform in my master’s program and how well I am going to be an intern for Yoga Works. 

I doubted how I will use my Yoga Teacher Training and how I am going to make it a possible career, if I choose to do so. 

I even started to doubt my current hairstyle and if it is nice and if I should switch it up and if I am pretty enough and if I am thin enough. Enough is enough. 

Once one doubt creeps in and is accepted, it is an invitation for so many more to follow. That’s when I decided to side eye the doubts. 

I decided to criticize my lack of confidence. I decided to disapprove of my negative self-talk. I decided to scorn those thoughts I let leak in. 

The doubts we have are not real until we make them real. Those doubts become powerful when we give them power. 

Don’t doubt who you are, where you are, and what you are. Don’t doubt your ventures and your choices. 

Doubt the very fact that you doubt yourself. Go on ahead and give those doubts the side eye. Let’s make this week one where we crush every doubt. 

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