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The Yo-yoing Yogi

I remember when I was younger and tried to yo-yo. I was so bad at it. I never had the patience, which I admit is my biggest flaw. 

The yo-yo would never come back up. The yo-yo would also never “walk the dog” for me no matter how well I flicked my wrist. I would flick it up and down, up and down, until I finally said screw it. 

That’s how my relationship with yoga started.

Yoga did not start out as my favorite exercise. I definitely would not have imagined that one of my favorite workout apps would be a yoga studio app. 

Similar to my younger experience with yoyos, I tried yoga a lot off and on since college. Why? You guessed it: patience. 

Yoga teaches you many things, and one of the many things I need to be taught is how to be patient. With balancing poses and flexibility movements, I did not get them instantaneously and still don’t. 

There were times I used my yoga mat and became so frustrated that I would stop practicing for months and let it collect dust. 

Now, I find myself drawn to practice yoga at least once or twice a week. My favorite is a combination yoga technique that fuses relaxing, strengthening, and balancing poses. 

Warrior III (pictured above) was my hardest pose. Then, I kept trying it. Now, I finally have it. The next pose I am working on is wheel pose, which I will conquer with patience and practice. 

All shapes, all sizes, all ages can practice yoga. I highly recommend it! Do you practice yoga? I would love to hear about your experience below.


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