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A Quick and Easy Guide to Enjoying Salad

Not all of us enjoy salad. It can be bland, not filling, and just plain boring when we don’t do it right. 

Just like anything, there are some ways we can end up enjoying it and maybe even craving it everyday. Below is a quick and easy guide to enjoying salad! 

 Photo via Pinterest 

Photo via Pinterest 

Find inspiration online. The Internet world is full of amazing inspiration. It can also show the endless possibilities of what can go in, around, on, and all over your salad. 

The go-to is Pinterest. This Pinterest salad search option not only has #saladporn but it has seasonal recipes, such as an easy winter kale salad and an autumn apple salad with maple vinaigrette. Yum! 

Whatever ideas we have or thoughts we have for our salads, we can look it up online and find inspiration for creating it. 

Add healthy, yummy toppings. Loving salad can be as easy as adding some of our  favorite toppings. If we love sesame seeds, they can be thrown on top of almost any salad. If we love carrots, they can be tossed along with any salad creation. 

An awesome addition is some protein. Chicken, tofu, edamame, avocado, beans, and sliced almonds are great to make a salad more substantial and, most importantly, yummier. 

Test different dressings. Ranch, Caesar, French, Basalmic Vinagrette, Italian, the dressings list goes on. However, there are so many more options that will blow our minds! 

Researching online is so much fun to find new dressings to not keep adding the same boring dressing. Treehugger.com shares some amazing dressings in their 7 fantastic salad dressings post.

Who knew there was a red curry and maple balsamic dressing? The versatility of making a salad new with just a dressing definitely can make salad more fun. 

DIY: Prepping a Salad. Making our own salad is the perfect way to make it more fun. For the creative sides of us, the hands-on and artsy opportunity will be a blast. 

We can keep it simple with a basic Tupperware or we can get fancy with mason jars, like this one. These jars are perfect for packing and arranging a salad to make it that make much more edible and enjoyable. 

Plus, prepping our own salads let us add every and each topping we want without the risk of an extra charge or cross-contimination. 

 sweetgreen's kale caesar salad and me have a love affair 

sweetgreen’s kale caesar salad and me have a love affair 

Discover the sweet spot. Last but certainly not least, we don’t always have time for a DIY salad. It’s also fun trying out many different salad places and having destinations for favorite salads. 

For instance, you guys know I love sweetgreen for their Kale Caesar Salad (check out my post if yah missed it). Or I also go to JustSalad for their asain sesame grain. So good 🙂

Finding a few places we love to frequent will make it so much more fun to eat salad. 

Can we all agree that eating salad can be more fun? Have you always been a salad lover? Or are you still not convinced? Let’s talk about it! 


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