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4 Ways to Develop a Daily Yoga Practice

The hashtag #yogaeverydamnday has over 8 million posts on Instagram. Why? 

Because it’s so inspiring to see yogis who show up to their mats and practice everyday. It takes such discipline to carve out time for anything, even yoga. 

Despite what we may think, it is possible to roll out our mats and practice asanas, postures, on a daily basis. Here are four ways we can do it! 

 Photo via Pinterest

Photo via Pinterest

1. Plan Out a Realistic Schedule – There is no way we can reach any goal without planning. This goes for yoga, as well.

With the new year coming up, it will be more than easy to find planners! Using straightforward or funky planners, like Moleskin and Bando, really get us thinking about our day-to-day lives. 

In working out our work, school, family, and home schedules, then is time to work in that yoga schedule. Whether it is fitting in an hour-long practice in the morning or a quick 30 minute flow at the end of the day, it is more than possible to fit in a practice every day. 

2. Find a Studio – Yoga studios are great for many reasons. Firstly, they create a safe and open atmosphere to practice. 

Secondly, they provide us with a community to get to know and flow with. Thirdly, when we find the right one, it’s like finding the right soulmate. 

Searching for the perfect studio that matches us is hard but once we find one, it clicks and we can plan some studio practice with teachers versus relying on ourselves. 

3. Set an Intention – Getting our heads in the game applies for yoga too. It is usually called setting an intention.

With aligning our minds and bodies, we allow ourselves to know the importance of why we want to show up to the mat every day. 

Our intentions can be something as big as bringing about peace in our lives to something as small as just wanting to move our bodies from sitting at a desk all day.

Each day, we can set different intentions or set themes for the week to keep us coming back to the mat. What a wonderful way to inspire us to get flowing every day. 

4. Invest in Yoga Mats and Accessories – This is a game changer. Investment means commitment.

When we spend $150 for a Manduka mat and bag, we will definitely make sure to use them. When we buy a set of two yoga blocks, we will definitely feel better in our asanas. When we buy a yoga towel, we will definitely make sure to sweat our booties off. 

Taking the time to put our money where our mouth is goes a long way, especially in committing to a goal. It also just feels good to use nothing but the best to keep up with our new daily practices. 

Let’s do #yogaeverydamnday. Practicing yoga every day does not have to be a challenge. 

We can align our practices with our schedules. We can practice at home, at our gyms, and at our studios. 

While making time for our practice, we also can make sure to remember why we show up to the mat through our set intentions. And it’s always helpful to ensure we flow with nothing but the best yoga gear and accessories. 

Hoping these tips were helpful! Now let’s contribute to that #yogaeverydamnday. 


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