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My Yoga Teacher Training Journey

Namaste. I am seated in Easy Pose in front my fellow Teacher Trainers. My head is spinning, my face is grinning, and my forehead must be shining. That was it.

The end of my first 60 minute yoga class, that also happened to be my final. I remember it like it was yesterday, wait… it was yesterday. 

Yoga teacher training may be coming to a close, but my training in yoga will always continue. Today marks my official class day of yoga teacher training with FlorYoga

The past three months has been a road of ups and downs. I switched the studio I trained with for personal reasons, and trust me, there is more! 

The ups were the moments I shared with the other 6 TTs in my group. The ups were the moments I asked questions that I always wanted to know. The ups were the moments I loved to get on my mat to practice a posture. 

The downs were the moments I compared myself to the other 6 TTs in my group. The downs were the moments I wanted answers that I could only find on the mat. The downs were the moments I forced myself to get up at the crack of dawn to practice a posture. 

Yoga teacher training taught me to go through the ups and downs, with balance and flexibility. Today, I can now look back at these three months as the perfect learning experience. 

Not only as a yogi, but as a person, I have grown to learn how to balance my schedule. I carved out time for hour to two hour long practices. I learned how to be flexible with my busy schedule and take time to dedicate to practice. 

Without this yoga teacher training, I would have never learned this balance and flexibility, as well as vulnerability.  

I recommend yoga teacher training to yogis of all levels to learn about vulnerability. One of my fave bloggers and people I met via Instagram, Kayla, sent out this perfect yoga post on the vulnerability in yoga, especially for yoga teachers. 

I completely agree with her. In order to be a yoga teacher, or just a yogi, we do not need to be able to push up to a full wheel pose or balance in crow pose.

Being a yogi is a state of mind. It is an accomplishment to show up to the mat and stay on the mat for any length of time on a daily or consistent basis. 

Yoga is a place of where we are vulnerable and we open ourselves up to our own selves, and eventually others. That is both a scary and beautiful place to journey. 

The journey that we take is up to us, but what makes it a journey is that we go through it. What makes the yoga teacher training journey so dear to me is that there were moments I wanted to quit. 

Vulnerability and I do not usually mix. However, I have realized that is life and this is what we go through. Yoga teacher training trained me to be the most authentic me. 

Now, the journey continues. This is not the end, but the beginning. Next week, I start as a teacher assistant/work study with Shaktibarre, a yoga-barre empowerment studio in Brooklyn. 

I hope my journey can motivate all of us to go for what we love. For me, it is receiving this 200HR Yoga Teacher Training. For you, I am sure, it is something quite different. 

We can do whatever we put our minds to, if we believe and if we just start. The journey is worth the ups, downs, and vulnerabilities. 


P.S. If you missed my post on how I started yoga, please check out this post from August

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