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Top 6 Lunch Must-Haves of 2016

Today’s Food Friday post is dedicated to a review of the lunch features from previous blog and IG posts. This year has been one to remember in the food department. 

2016 has had such its share of awesome new foods to try in our cities, especially in my own New York City. Below are the top six that we have talked about and drooled over. 

  1. Poke bowlsthese bowls have become such a 2016 favorite. From the taste of ginger to the guilt-free ingredients, poke is a must-have for lunch time. Maui Onion in NYC was the place I tried and absolutely recommend. 
  2. Salads – salads have been all over the blog, such as Sweetgreen’s Kale Caesar and a guide to enjoying salad. There’s nothing like having a good bowl of healthy vegetables and sources of protein. 
  3. Burger and fries – byCHLOE. does a burger and fries right, vegan style. Being vegan has never tasted better. Never thought that a burger that wasn’t meat could be so good. It’s delicious and low-calorie. How about that! 
  4. Food platters – Another new favorite is the Little Beet. Food platters are perfect for getting a balance of all the food groups: a carb, protein, and veggies. 
  5. Sandwich and soup – this combination never fails. Panera has a wonderful option of sandwiches and soups that I just relied on this week. Choices are also so versatile for both meat-eaters and vegetarians. Also, they have a rapid pickup option
  6. Grocery stores – We cannot forget about grocery stores. Whole Foods, for example, is such a perfect place for lunch. Their buffet style of salads, choices of sandwiches, options for sushi, and premade lunch plates will keep us full each and every day for lunch. 

There we have it! The six foods that have been staples in the blog on 2016. Just hoping that 2017 is tastier and healthier. 

Happy New Year and let’s go into it even healthier than 2016 🙂 



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