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What You Should Know about CORE Hydration

Guys, we have so many brands to choose from when it comes to water. Poland Spring, SmartWater, Dasani, Aquafina, Fiji, the list goes on. 

Naturally, it can get pretty overwhelming. But one brand to definitely try is CORE. 

Just as a little background, I was contacted to try out their products two weeks ago and immediately said yes! My choice was to try out their CORE hydration, which is a nutrient enhanced plain water and… 

 Working out with CORE! 

Working out with CORE! 

Now I am hooked. CORE has been recently on my Snapchat (shanna_tyler) and my Instagram stories. Let me share why and what we should all know about CORE! 

CORE has the cleanest, crispest tasting water. If all of us want a water that has the taste of clean, we need to grab core. It goes through a 7-stage purification process that makes the best tasting water out there. 

Not only does it get purified, but it also is free from any chemicals, such as fluoride, arsenic, and chlorine. That’s exciting to know that we can trust this brand to give us some clean and good tasting water! 

CORE is great for us in our fitness journeys. This water makes sure to give us the replenishment we need in our workouts so that we can perform at our best. 

Electrolytes are such important nutrients to replenish in our workouts. When working out, drinking this nutrient can reduce cramping and dehydration. That makes us more able to push through our workouts! 

CORE helps the pH balances of our bodies. Not only is this water tasty and perfect for working out, it also recognizes that we need a good pH balance. On their label, they mention the body’s natural pH balance of 7.4 and that their water aids in it.

Essentially, if we have too much acidity in our bodies or pH levels are balanced, we can experience the following symptoms: fatigue, lack of energy, dry skin, and leg cramps. Definitely another great reason to drink CORE! 

CORE is just an awesome product. Ultimately, that is what we should know about it.

We can use it in our daily lives and in our workouts. We can use it to balance our pH balance, replenish our workouts, and taste some good water. 

Does anyone else love CORE? Or want to try it out? Let’s talk about it, comment below! 


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