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The Secret of Getting What You Want

Psst… let me tell you a secret. Getting what we want is not that hard. 

Before I started this blog and finally committed to my fitness journey, I did not believe it was easy to get what I want. I decided it had to be impossible, but I ended up discovering what was holding me back. 

When I first got started working out and eating healthy, I kept on saying I was not going to reach my goals. I kept saying there was no way I could lose thirty pounds. I kept on saying there is no way I can be a more positive person. 

That’s when I tried out something new: saying what I wanted out loud. 

I kept saying I am going to lose this weight. I kept saying I was going to become more positive. Eventually once I reached the goals, I kept saying other things out loud.

Months ago I said the following: I am going to start a fitness/lifestyle blog; I am going to be affiliated with Adidas in some way; I am going to be a fitness instructor. 

Now I have my 200hr yoga teacher certification, just signed on to be a panelist for Adidas, and workstudying with Shaktibarre to eventually become a yoga instructor there.

In the new year, who knows what other things I will be saying? But so, the secret is out! 

The secret of getting it is speaking it. There is something so strong about putting words out into the universe.

Without even adding spirituality or religion, words have strength. What we say is what we put out there. 

I want to share this to anyone who has been striving toward a goal. Whether it is losing weight, starting a business, or meeting a partner, we must say it and claim it like it is already ours.

Putting those words out there will have us getting the workout partners we need, meeting amazing business partners, and going on dates to find the one. Whatever it is we want!  

I am the perfect example. Less than a year ago, I used to be not-positive, not-disciplined, not-friendly, and searching for my calling. Now, I have spoken the life I lead now and will be continuing to reaching my goals. 

Whatever we want, know this. The secret to our getting what we want is in our words. 

Now let’s say it out loud together that we are going to have a great week coming up! 🙂 Thank you, as always, for reading.  


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