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Finding a Gym or Studio that is Right For You

Do you have a hard time finding a gym or studio that you like? Or do you just want some more fun options for sweating it out?

As exciting as our fitness journeys are, it is still natural to want to discover a new place to sweat it out. Our routines can become so repetitive and our bodies can crave a new routine.

There are many different ways to discover gyms and studios. With a few of these tips, it will be easier for us to find out which ones we will become members or steady goers to. 

 First day at the kickboxing gym and kickstarting my fitness journey 

First day at the kickboxing gym and kickstarting my fitness journey 

Ask friends. The number one best way to find out about that local gym or new yoga studio is to ask friends about it. 

Our friends will either already be a member of it, know someone who is, or just walked past the location one day. 

It worked for me! This picture is from my very first day reaching out to a Facebook friend about a kickboxing gym she loved to go to. Then I couldn’t stop going and started my fitness journey. 

Do online research. When trying to find a new gym/studio, researching online is another best bet. The search can be as broad as typing in Google “Gyms in Brooklyn” or it can be as specific as typing in Google “Affordable Gyms with a Steam Room in Park Slope.” 

Google is not the only option though! Instagram is great because it gives us an idea of what their atmosphere, client, and mission is. 

Searching the hashtag #gym or #studio will give a plethora of options to check out, as well as eye candy 🙂 

 After an awesome class at Shaktibarre! :) 

After an awesome class at Shaktibarre! 🙂 

Sign up for Fitness Blogs. A few weeks ago, we talked about the best fitness blogs to follow. These blogs not only give fitspiration, but also write on new clubs and studios to try out. 

HBFIT featured an article on five of their favorite yoga studios. On the list was Shaktibarre. In finding out and visiting Shaktibarre, I loved the owners, the vibes, and now have a new work study! 

Walk around and Walk in. Last but certainly not least is walking around. We have a tendency to walk with a purpose to our jobs, to our schools, and to our homes. 

What if we walked around and looked around? If we slowed down, we could find out so much about our neighborhoods. 

We could find out that there was a hidden dance studio on the top floor of that restuarant. We can walk in, hop in a class, and find our new studio. The amount of times that has happened to me is so funny!

Find and have fun. Our fitness journeys are all about having fun. Having fun can also be in finding a new gym or studio that fits us. 

There will be places that we visit and it doesn’t clique. But when we find the right one, we will be so happy that we used some of these tips. 

How did you find your favorite gym or studio? Love to hear how you found out about it! 


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