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Behind the Scenes of a Workaholic

Hello. My name is _________, and I am workaholic. 

 Photo via Pinterest

Photo via Pinterest

I am more than confident that one, if not, all of us can insert our names at the above. 

When we focus so hard on what we have to do, what we need to get done, what more we can pack on our schedules, we don’t allow ourselves time to think, pee, and most importantly, rest. 

As an example, let me take you behind the scenes of the typical day of a workaholic I know. 

She wakes up in the morning and immediately works on her yoga sequencing. Then she turns on her laptop, checks her blog, and responds to any email from the night before.

Then, she quickly eats oatmeal and dresses in an hour to go to her day job. On her commute, she posts on her Instagram, Snapchats, and replies to any social media shoutouts.

While she is doing that, she is listening to a podcast about being an entrepreneur or blogger, or she is working out a playlist that can be used for a yoga class. 

Once at her day job, she completes tasks and responsibilities. During her lunch, she books appointments while eating a salad. 

Then after her day job, she goes to the gym, local workout class, or work study. After either, she immediately goes home and works on social work school papers, homework, and/or reading. 

Don’t forget, she still needs to do her nightly yoga and post again to social media. Then, she makes time for any friends or family by checking up via text or call to make sure she is not neglecting any relationships. 

Then she makes sure to put her phone far away from her before she goes to bed 30 minutes later. She hits the pillow and does the same thing the next day. 

 Alexis Mera Photographer

Alexis Mera Photographer

If we can be honest with each other, it’s me.

Do we all have the same in common? Do we all jam pack our days full of work, side hustle, fitness, family, etc? How can we get better at it? 

My first and only suggestion for today is schedule rest, considering it like an appointment. 

A few weeks ago, I posted about this post about having a rest date, and it’s still something I would love to drive home to all of us. 

Rest can be a Starbucks date with just ourselves. Rest can be a glass of red wine in the house. Rest can be scheduling that spa appointment that’s been on our minds for months. 

Whatever it is, schedule it. In that detail of my day, was there one moment where I rested? Nope. 

Being busy is not bad, but once it becomes busy to the point of not scheduling time for ourselves, that’s when it is bad. 

Let’s remember going into these new weeks is to be kind to ourselves by scheduling time for ourselves. 

Also, let’s not get so busy in working toward our goals and our careers that we forget about enjoying our victories and triumphs. 


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  1. Bernadette says:

    Great blog! I actually like that your busyness is all scheduled. I could definitely benefit from doing the same.

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