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Tips to Getting and Staying Motivated Part IV.

This is the last week of sharing tips to getting and staying motivated in our fitness and health lifestyles. The process of writing these has been rewarding and eye-opening. 

So much can be said on motivation. We all have ways in which we can motivate ourselves in our journeys, and these last three tips definitely touch on some more ways we can do so. 

10. Set Goals, Create Lists 

Setting goals and creating lists on a daily, weekly, and monthly schedule are great ways to better organize ourselves and keep ourselves accountable. 

Checking off what we have done on to-do lists measures productivity and show what goals we are reaching. 

A goal is defined as “something that you are trying to do or achieve.” We are trying to achieve healthier and fitter versions of ourselves. When we create actionable lists for this goal, it will come to pass. 

However, creating these goals must be made in smaller, moderately accessible steps to make it possible instead of impossible. 

For example, in the beginning of January, I was at 180 lbs. I knew by June, I wanted to be 150 lbs. I started off easy with working out three times a week, and incorporating more cardio into my routine. 

I wrote goals and lists down, such as planning my workout routines, writing out my recipes, and focusing on my mindset with inspirational quotes.

Once my body became used to my workout, then I began working out five times a week and incorporating BBG and SoulCycle classes.

In June, I reached my goal of 150 lbs. Now, I workout close to everyday with some yoga in-between and maintain my lost weight. I am stable at 150 lbs. 

In sharing this, I have to say that setting goals and creating lists kept me focused in my journey and still does now. 

11. Let Go of What’s Empty

Empty calories, empty thoughts, empty relationships… We need to let them go. 

Cutting out what isn’t nourishing our bodies, feeding our souls, and encouraging our minds is a necessity for a new journey like fitness and health. 

There will be activities, friends, and foods that we need to let go of and part with in this journey. Parting ways certainly isn’t easy. 

When we realize and actualize what we want, we will notice our tastes and preferences will change. We will want to rise early for the gym. We will want to hang out with motivating people. We will want to order the salad on the menu. 

And there is nothing wrong with that! A part of changing our lifestyles is the change. 

That all being said, when we change, people and places might need to change as well. 

For me, it was changing people. People can be energy “inners” or “outers.” They can put forth energy in to you and impart into you or they can take energy out from you and leave you empty.

When I let go of those relationships, what a difference it made to my energy and my journey. 

 Photo via Pinterest

Photo via Pinterest

It allowed me more space to think and more space to be my true self without negativity or ambiguity around me. 

This goes for all us! It can be that bar you can’t stop binge drinking at, that person who makes you feel bad about your new lifestyle change, or that thought you have that you can’t make it. 

Nonetheless, we have to cut it out and let go of what’s not filling us, but emptying us. 

12. Reward the Progress

The #1 tip was waking up to a plan. But what about when we fulfill the plan? Let’s reward ourselves!

Our ideas of a reward might look different. For some, it can be soaking in a bubble bath, and for others, it can be pouring the cup of wine. 

However we reward ourselves, we just should make sure it will not deter us from our lifestyle changes. 

When I reward myself, it is with a piece of Godiva dark chocolate. I have no idea how this became a thing but almost every night, I take the smallest piece of it and savor it. 

It can be the smallest thing to help us go further in the big things. 

Let’s remember, nothing is wrong with patting ourselves on the back or treating ourselves from time to time. 

We deserve it! We work hard every day. We have jobs, schools, families, partners, and friends we attend to. Not only that, but we also maintain our healthiest selves in the midst of it all. 

If that doesn’t deserve a reward, I don’t know what does. 

Well that’s it. This is a bitter ending to a sweet sharing. In getting requests on motivation and questions on how I stay motivated, I am truly hoping these tips were helpful. 

To get caught up on any missed, the posts are below. However, all of the tips shared will be edited, added to, and compiled into one ebook for a single reference. 

Thank you all for being my inspiration and motivation! Enjoy your Work it Wednesdays! 


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