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The Rest Date

Our lifestyles are so much on-the-go, especially in big cities. Within our lives, we have so many instances where we can experience stress.

We have appointments and commitments that we commute to in a hurry. We have events and engagements that we prepare for in a heartbeat. We have workouts and circuits that we commit with a fury. 

Where is our chance to rest? Where is our chance to give our schedules a break? 

 Photo taken by Alexis Mera

Photo taken by Alexis Mera

As a certified work-a-holic, I am one who knows a lot about needing rest. I work part-time for a health clinic, take weekend and Wednesday classes to be a yoga teacher, attend graduate school part-time, and workout as a full-time fitness enthusiast.

This past week, I suffered from extreme exhaustion where I could barely keep my eyes open in my classes and training. Why? Because I forgot to rest. 

Today, I scheduled plans in my calendar. The event is an all-day appointment of capital “NO PLANS.” 

That being said, some days we need to rest. We deserve it. We earned it. We need it.

There is nothing wrong with resting, netflixing, and napping. Overall, there is nothing wrong with taking a damn rest date of chilling out. 

Whatever way we like to wind down, let’s not forget to put it on our calendars and plan it for ourselves. No matter what it looks like, we need a date to rest. 

I highly suggest putting it in our schedules just as any other date and appointment. Once we make it concrete, we cannot go back from there. 

That’s exactly what I had to do. So now as I write this, I am laying in bed with the television on the background and thanking myself for scheduling this rest day. 

I challenge you to do the same. Treat yourself to a prescription of rest, just from me 🙂 


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