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Best Blogs To Follow for Fitspiration

Fitspiration is defined as “using examples of good fitness (people, photographs, etc.) as inspiration to attain a fitness goal.” 

In our fitness journeys, we have moments of needing fitspiration. Whether it is in the morning to get out of bed for the gym or in the evening to leave work and head to the gym, we all sometimes need that extra push. 

That’s where fitness blogs come in. Below are some of the best blogs to follow for fitspiration. 

Greatist. This site is a triple threat; it has blogs for fitness, health, and lifestyle. 

Move, their fitness blog, features everything from How-Tos to Fitness Challenges for all of its fit readers. It also posts videos by top professionals sharing workout routines easy to do at home or at the gym. 

Greatist is the perfect destination to search for whatever we might need in our journeys. 

 got to meet Hannah at a Pilates class last month in honor of Breast Cancer Research 

got to meet Hannah at a Pilates class last month in honor of Breast Cancer Research 

HBFiT. Hannah Bronfman is a personal fitspiration and this website she founded is the perfect spot to figure out her secret.  

HBFit is another triple-threat site and features tips on health, beauty, and fitness. Fitness-wise, the site focuses on a variety of fun and effective ways to stay fit. 

Their recent post on reasons to jumprope will make us grab our jumpropes or run online to purchase one right away. 

ALoveSquad. Ally Love is another kick-ass woman who started her own blog that has great tips, including on fitness. 

The best part of ALoveSquad’s fitness blog is they spotlight many fitness professionals from yoga teachers to fitness trainers. Every story on their site will inspire you to get up and moving just like the people interviewed! 

Please note: I also may be a little bias because I recently wrote my first post for the site, 6 Benefits of A Workout BFF.

DAREBEE. Unlike the other blogs, this is purely a fitness blog. Their tagline is “Fitness Made Easy” and it isn’t a lie. 

DAREBEE provides programs and routines for everything, from warm-up to cooldown. Not to mention, they offer free HIIT workouts that a trainer would make clients pay a session for. 

The perfect way to be inspired is to know that fitness does not have to be hard. It is as easy as a quick warm-up, interval session, and cool down all in under 45 minutes. 

Good fitspiration is hard to come by. With all of our workouts and regimens, we can definitely use these blogs to keep us motivated and fitspired! 


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  1. Mash says:

    I think Greatist really hit the mark with their brand. True body positivity AND the lifestyle they present is done in a great, gender neutral way.

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