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How To Be Healthy on the Go

Do you have a hard time eating healthy on a busy day? Trust, all of us go through it. 

When busy, we tend to forget about the most important part, which is fueling ourselves. Let’s be honest, sometimes we just want that junk food instead, just because it’s easier. 

Although we just talked about treating ourselves last week, the majority of our days we should be striving for healthy foods. 

How do we do it? Well, let’s talk about it! 

Plan ahead. Whenever we have a busy day ahead of us, we can schedule our eating ahead. If we know we will be in a certain part of our town or city, we can look up what’s close in advance. 

For busy days, it is great to look up favorite healthy destinations nearby. A few personal choices in New York City are by CHLOE., Just Salad, and sweetgreen. 

 Me and this swell bottle go everywhere :) 

Me and this swell bottle go everywhere 🙂 

Pack healthy snacks. There’s a plethora of healthy snacks we can eat on the go. Bananas, almonds, protein bars, the list goes on. 

My favorite easy snacks to pack are Health Warrior chocolate peanut butter chia bars and Welch’s assorted fruit snacks (a long-time favorite). 

Drink plenty of water. As long as we will be around areas with restrooms, drinking lots of water helps. 

According to this article on SFGate, drinking water makes our bodies think we are full. We can drink it when it’s not time to eat yet in order to sustain our busy selves in our busy schedules. 

Head to the grocery store. Steering clear from temptation is key when on to go. McDonald’s, Burger King, and Wendy’s are full of aromas that will get us to their unhealthy options fast. 

My trick is always going to a local or chain grocery store, like Whole Foods. At these places, it is more convenient to find healthier alternatives, such as a salad bar or to-go lunches.  

Now let’s be healthy on the go. There’s plenty of options for being healthy on to go. We just have to work a little harder and pack a little smarter. 

For more ways, look at the posts below, which show some more ways we can prioritize our health in our schedules! 


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