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3 Things I Wish I Knew About Meditation

About 8.0% U.S. adults meditate. That means around 8 million people are reaping the benefits of using meditation in their daily lives. 

I started meditating daily more than a year ago with the Mindfulness Daily App and wish I knew about it way sooner. These are a few things I wish I knew about meditation. 

1. Meditation can be done anywhere. The act of meditation can sound really intimidating at first. 

When I first heard of meditation, I thought it meant that I had to sit on my yoga mat, burn scented candles, and dedicate an hour to sitting still in one spot. 

However, I discovered that is not meditation at all. Meditation is a practice of giving the mind a rest and becoming more conscious in our spaces, no matter where we are. 

Meditation is so versatile that it can take place wherever we are. Whether we are commuting on the train or sitting at our desks, we can take the time to focus on breath, our bodies, and our thoughts. 

2. Meditation lowers stress levels. Our worlds are full of potential stress and anxiety that can come from our jobs, responsibilities, projects, and so much more. 

When meditating by taking deep breaths, we lower the cortisol on our bodies. Cortisol is a good hormone for serious circumstances, but we can become the edge when we have too much of it in our bodies from daily stressors. 

That’s why developing a meditation practice is so helpful. It allows us to literally control our systems when dealing with daily stressors. 

3. Meditation creates more kindness. Being kind and compassionate are wonderful traits that helps others, as well as ourselves. 

Let’s think about what happens when we focus more. When we focus, we notice things around us. 

We notice our friends who are not as happy as we thought. We notice our family members who are crying for help. We notice our neighbors who do not seem as talkative as usual. 

This is something I instantly noticed after weeks of meditation. I became more engaged in my environment. I started talking to strangers around me. I started helping people who needed my assistance.

Meditating makes us more kind and compassionate people. This study proves it and is something I definitely wish I knew when getting into meditation. 

Meditation is something I wish I did sooner. I hope this gives all of us more reasons to meditate. Below are three resources that share what types of meditation there are and how to start! 


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