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Why Progress Pictures Are a Must

Have you ever taken a picture to track your progress? Today, I challenge all of us to take progress pictures.

Why take pictures of our progress? Because we all can use this #1 benefit that progress pictures give us in our health and fitness journeys. 

Progress pictures give us hope. Hope is “to look forward to with desire and reasonable confidence.”  

We are visual creatures. When we take pictures of our body progression, we further look forward to our goals. We also give ourselves great confidence! 

 Left picture: April '16 Right picture: November '16

Left picture: April ’16 Right picture: November ’16

I took the left pictures on April 18th. I was always tired; I was always bloated; I was always in striving for more. 

I had no confidence in my body anymore so decided to take a picture. I promised to take another one when I felt ready as a way to track my progress. 

I took the right pictures on November 20th. I am not tired anymore. I am only bloated if I drink a lot of water. I am still striving for more. 

 Left picture: April '16 Right picture: November '16

Left picture: April ’16 Right picture: November ’16

The difference in the two photos is not just that I lost 30 lbs. But I now have confidence and desire to do more than I have ever done.

I decided to start up this fitness blog in June, start Sweat with Kayla in August, and begin training to be a yoga instructor in September (almost done!). 

I used that picture from April to compare myself to where I was in all the later months. Not until now did I finally get the guts to take a picture and post it to you all. 

Most importantly, never did I realize how much hope progress pictures gave until placing these pictures beside each other on Pic Stitch

We need progress pictures for hope. We can desire and we can want more confidence, but without visually seeing our progress, how can we keep going?! 

I encourage all of us on our fitness/health journeys to go to a mirror, wear our usual activewear fit, and snap a picture.

What we will feel is a renewed desire to keep on going on our lifestyles and more confidence to kick booty in the studio, gym, house, or wherever we work out.

Let’s do it for our desire. Do it for our confidence. Do it for our hope! 


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  1. Bernadette Robinson says:

    You’re absolutely right! Even when the scale doesn’t move, pictures always tell the story!
    Keep up the great work.

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